APS Screening for Women

Louise Jones
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Antiphospholipid Syndrome, known as APS or Hughes Syndrome, is more common than Parkinson's disease and equivalent to multiple sclerosis. However, most people have not heard of APS.

It is the leading cause in miscarriages, and 1 in 6 strokes, heart attacks & DVT's in people under 50 are caused by APS. It is more common in women, yet it does not get discovered unless someone suffers a stroke/blood clot, and are lucky enough to be tested for his condition - but, not everyone is tested.
Females who have the condition, and are put on the contraceptive pill, is a recipe for disaster, and a fatality waiting to happen.
Like myself, I was placed on the contraceptive pill at age 16 by my GP, and at aged 20 I almost died from a large blood clot in my brain.
Following this, after testing, I was diagnosed with APS and placed on life-long warfarin treatment.

I would like to petition for all females to be screened of APS before being put on the contraceptive pill.



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