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On Tuesday August 13, Haven Nutt was denied her business license by the BZA to operate Heart Haven LLC out of her home in Hartsville. Heart Haven promotes all things health and wellness and offers services such as personal training, nutrition counseling, small group fitness, and paddleboarding. The BZA wrongly denied her the business license and gave no clear answer or legal backing as to why. The only goal of Heart Haven is positive, as it aims to bring health, joy, adventure, self love, new information, and experiences to the Trousdale county community. As citizens of this community, we believe Haven Nutt has every right to operate business out of her own home and property. We want Heart Haven LLC to be granted the business license, and we want this small business to be a part of Hartsville.


Founder and owning operator of Heart Haven LLC: Haven Nutt.

Heart Haven LLC services include personal training, nutrition counseling, and small group fitness / training / SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) training. Heart Haven holds a strong stance that our bodies were made to move, and encourages unique and exciting ways to get people moving for overall health. Utilizing the fitness studio, the hilly trails on the wooded property, and the Cumberland River, we shed light on the importance of getting outside to move and outdoor adventure. The Heart Haven approach to training, outdoor movement, and SUP is beneficial to the client in challenging core muscles, mobility, and balance, while changing up a typical fitness routine and educating clients on the importance and benefits of moving outside. Outdoor movement is scientifically proven to benefit the body and brain by (1) Challenging your body with greater planes of motion, and therefore, forcing more muscles to engage. (2) Secreting a greater amount of the naturally occurring hormones that boost physical and mental health: endorphins, norepinephrine, serotonin, & dopamine. (3) Fueling the body and brain with naturally occurring vitamins (such as Vit D) along with fresh air for the lungs.

Heart Haven LLC will perform business in Hartsville Tennessee, at 1495 Purveyors Rd, in the basement “Fitness Studio” as well as the Cumberland River where Paddleboarding / SUP small group sessions will take place. Haven Nutt has professional experience as a certified fitness trainer for more than five years in Nashville,TN. Haven Nutt is a certified personal trainer, certified fitness coach, and certified nutritionist operating under Heart Haven LLC. She has specialized certifications in kickboxing, paddleboarding, and self defense.



Group Fitness Certified: NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)

Personal Training Certified: ISTA (International Strength Training Association)

Certified Fitness Nutritionist: ISTA (International Strength Training Association)

Kickboxing Specialization Certified: Hotbox Fitness LLC

Self Defense Specialization Certified: Chonburi Muay Thai Trainers Association

Stand Up Paddleboarding Specialization Certified: Professional Stand Up Paddle Association

Approach & Methodology

Heart Haven gets to the root of health. We do this by focusing in on clients’ goals, clearly defining the road map to creating a healthier well being by balancing food, fitness, and mental health. We focus to prevent and reverse disease and injuries such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, cancer, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, and breathing problems through a science backed, alternative approach. The philosophy of Heart Haven is driven through a deep passion for empowering people to find the root of their own health with mental, physical, and spiritual wellness--because each of these elements is a peg in the turning wheel of what it means to be alive. Physical expression, movement, and fueling the mind and body is at the core of all health, and that is what Heart Haven teaches and promotes. Our motto is: Move. Nourish. Live. Self Love.


Personal Training: Working one on one (trainer and client) on physical fitness through assessment, exercise, strength training, cardio, mobility, and movement. This service has a focus on individual fitness goals and desires. Honing in on personalized plans and techniques.

Nutritional Counseling: Working one on one (nutritionist and client) to educate, guide, uplift, and encourage clients to navigate their way towards health by nourishing their bodies appropriately through fulfilling, nutritious meals. Guiding clients to the proper macronutrient breakdown. This journey begins with coaching through grocery store lists, to applying the education in the kitchen together.

Small Group Training: Working as trainer to a small group of clients with a focus on the “experience” of a workout. This is a unique, fun way for people to gain knowledge and build community while still gaining a quality workout for themselves.

This service has a focus on physical fitness through assessment, exercise, strength training, cardio, mobility, movement, and incorporating paddleboard fitness and paddleboard yoga. Encouraging clients to use the outdoors as a space for mental solace, natural vitamins, and a playground of adventure and healthy movement. Small group training will never exceed 9 clients at a time per session. Clients will experience the natural beauty that Hartsville has to offer along the Cumberland River, by providing clients a quality workout and to seek their best self through physical, mental, and spiritual health with fitness and nutrition.


Heart Haven was established to connect community through experiences. We are passionate about getting to the root of people's health journeys. We aim to do this in the beautiful town of Hartsville, Tennessee. Allowing people to have a breath of fresh air, while seeking connection back to themselves.

The small business of Heart Haven LLC will contribute to the local economy by bringing awareness, growth and innovation in Trousdale County. We will offer unique services, ideas, new information, and a whole new perspective on health that is exciting and fulfilling, while creating a lasting impression for those who experience Hartsville.

Increase of traffic will not be an issue and should not pose any concern. Number of cars entering the property for business services will not exceed either 3 cars/day (or 21 cars per week).

Noise will not be an issue and should not pose any concern. The work at Heart Haven is intimate and private between client and trainer, and consists of workouts in the studio, calm meditation and yoga, gentle stretching, hiking the property, and utilizing the great outdoors by the river. There will never be a need for high noise level work. The business location is 1,070 feet away from the main road and the closest full time residence neighbors. Due to the lay of the land, the wooded property, and the rolling hills, it is not possible for any neighbors or by-passers on Puryears Bend to see, hear, or be affected by the work of the business.

Hindrance upon neighbors will not be an issue and should not pose any concern. A large fence (erected in June 2019) was invested in by the business owner, putting a barrier between the only visible neighbors, Robbie and Beverly Atwood. They no longer have any view of the property, and will not be bothered by clients entering the property. All work is done privately and professionally.

Living and residing in the community, Heart Haven LLC is focused on serving the community of Hartsville.

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