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Placing Education into our own hands

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Mark Twain once said "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education," and that is the very problem that has brought us to create this petition, you see our schooling is "interfering" with our education. In this very age students all across America are unable to take the classes they desire, they are unable be taught the subjects they want to be taught, they are unable to place their education into their own hands and this is all because schools are limiting the amount of options available to them, thus their "schooling" is in fact interfering with their education. Some of us fellow students of Medford High are facing a dilemma. We are being forced to pick between two options, A. taking AP Physics first period or B. taking a major subject second period (i.e. Math, Spanish, English, History, etc.). Now one may ask why we are not allowed to take both seeing how the classes are on two different periods and therefore should not collide, however, there is one problem we face a that problem is the fact that the lab AP Physics lab periods conflict with our second period class thus the school is saying it is "impossible" to take both options, A and B. However, we have a simple solution to this problem which would be to move down the AP Physics lab periods from second period to third period which would not only allow for us to take AP Physics but also allow us to continue being able to take our second period class and thus we will be able to be taught subjects we want. Now the problem is that Medford Highschool has rejected our proposal without even letting us properly explain and present it to them. We have been repeatedly shut down when attempting to present our solution and we have had enough of it. Thus, we have taken to the world wide web and social media to voice out our problem, opinion, and solution with hope that with the help of this very petition and the polite and thoughtful ladies and gentlemen backing it we will not let our schooling interfere with our education. Once again if you believe what we are doing is right then please sign our petition so that our voice can be heard, and if you do not agree with us then we urge you to still sign our petition to be heard because everyone should have their voice and opinions heard. Sincerly, Hopeful AP Physics Students

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