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Appeal to Bipartisanship

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To: The Honorable Senator Elect Chris Murphy From: A concerned student body of The University of Connecticut Dear Senator Murphy, On behalf of this student body of the University of Connecticut, we would first like to congratulate you on your recent election to the position of Senator. As an Alumni of our University, it fill us with pride to see a fellow former student who is concerned with the affairs of our government, and we admire the work you have done thus far for the betterment of our state and country. Today, we would like to write to you expressing our concern over the issue of Bipartisanship. In our country today, we speak not only for ourselves, but we hope for the vast majority of Americans when we recognize the issue of a lack of cooperation within our federal and state government. Republicans and Democrats alike are becoming increasingly frustrated with the gridlock of congress. This inability of congress to create effective bipartisan legislation has a number of significant effects. First of all, due to congressional difficulties in the activity of compromise, very little legislation has been passed recently that has not been marred spiteful filibusters and political machinations. The first issue is this severely inhibits the ability of our elected representatives to fulfill their primary goal; to represent their constituency. At the core of most political disagreements, right and left alike agree that issues must be faced, it is simply the details that most individuals become infatuated with and cannot let go of. The current culture of partisan politics also creates a hamper on the government’s ability to handle pressing issues that face our country. If congress cannot agree to act on a pressing issue, the state of affairs may devolve to a point where it could be too late to help, or the positive benefit of governmental action may be diminished by delayed response. Not only though does this negative culture act in the detriment of the American people, but also serves as a poor representation of our values as a country to the global community. America has always served as a beacon and example to the rest of the world and if we cannot even agree to respect our own people across party lines, then our esteem in the eyes of the world is lowered. What we ask of you is that you continue your excellent record of political action and do what you can to help promote a culture of bipartisan politics when you enter the esteemed halls of the Senate. Being new to the organization, we ask that you serve as an example to the rest of our governmental bodies in working across party lines and collaborating with colleagues from all points on the political spectrum to create solutions and compromises that work in the interest of the American people. As the students of UCONN, we have great faith in your abilities, and we hope that you will act as a true civil servant, promoting compromise and goodwill to all. We have no doubt you will bring us pride to be from UCONN, from Connecticut, and from the United States of America through your actions in the years to come in promoting bipartisanship. Best regards, and many thanks for your time,


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