Campaign to win official apology for Alan Turing

Tim Shute
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We the undersigned American Citizens hereby petition the Prime Minister of Great Britain to apologize for the prosecution of Alan Turing that led to his untimely death. Alan Turing was the greatest computer scientist ever born in Britain. He laid the foundations of computing, helped break the Nazi Enigma code and told us how to tell whether a machine could think. He was also gay. He was prosecuted for being gay, chemically castrated as a 'cure', and took his own life, aged 41. The British Government should apologize to Alan Turing for his treatment and recognize that his work created much of the world we live in and saved us from Nazi Germany. And an apology would recognize the tragic consequences of prejudice that ended this man's life and career.


The British version of this petition was highlighted to me by a fellow Washington Mensan. The British site is only for British Citizens. I felt it would be appropriate to support this petition with an American version. Please sign and send the link to all your freinds for them to sign as well. Thank you!





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