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A high school education was once sufficient to secure a middle-class job in the United States. But this is no longer a reality. With the pressures of global competition, lower-skilled jobs have all but disappeared.

By 2018, the majority of all U.S. jobs will require some level of postsecondary education. Yet today, only 38% of Americans hold college degrees. We, as a nation and as a community must do more to improve our education.

That is why the Apollo Public Schools were created - to provide our youths with the cognitive skills, digital literacy and global awareness they need to succeed in high school and college, and to become leaders in the 21st century world.

Here is how we plan to support your child: 

• Offering a college- and career-preparatory education focused on both the foundational and higher order thinking skills required for long-term success. 

• Deploying cutting edge technology to track the progress of every student in real time so you know at any given point how your child is doing toward key learning standards.   

• Helping students become bilingual learners and learn how to speak and write Mandarin Chinese, one of the most highly used and emerging languages in the world. 

• Delivering content that engages students through collaborative problem-solving, project-based learning and global entrepreneurship. 

We also believe that a K-12 education should still be about preparing children for democratic living, by growing young people who have a critical mind, a community spirit, a predisposition for regular self-reflection, and a curiosity and hunger for the perspectives of others.

Every member of our founding team has served as a teacher in some capacity, most at the classroom level and later in administration, while others at the university level training new teachers and education leaders. We are also able to build on a wealth of experience in launching high quality schools. Public school education transformed our lives: while many of us grew up in poverty, we were fortunate enough to attend some of the best universities in the world.

Our first middle school will be located in the Santa Clarita Valley. We do not have geographic restrictions for enrollment so long as you are able to take your child to and from the school. 

Will you support us in making this educational option available for your child and our community? 


The mission of Apollo Public Schools is to ensure that all students gain the cognitive skills, digital literacy and global awareness they need to succeed in high school and college, and to become productive citizens in the 21st century world. As a free, open-enrollment, and college preparatory charter school, we are committed to partnering with schools, families and the community to develop the next generation of American minds.





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