Request for Playdom to Fix Ongoing Game Errors/Bugs and Compensate Players Appropriately

Michael Patton
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The Players of "Marvel: Avengers Alliance" have made it the Number 1 social game in its category within its first year of release. It is not in beta, it is not free in it's entirety. With almost 3 Million Players... the millions of dollars we collectively pay, we get ongoing errors and bugs. Not new ones. This isn't a complaint of things that happen randomly, for software is prone to mistakes. These are the same issues that have been ongoing since it's release. Resulting in, not only financial loss, but frustration. We love this game and that is why we keep playing despite all the issues! It is unfair and bad customer service, in any business practice, to not appropriately deal with consumer issues and losses as a result of the products fault that we have invested time and money in. We do not ask Playdom to give us more than we deserve. We do ask for Playdom to make it right. We the Players want Playdom to deal with the existing errors and bugs resulting in item/financial loss, as well as compensate appropriately with in game items/currency. Since in game currency is "Gold" and all in game items can be purchased with gold. To make the compensation fair depending on individual loss... We the Players of Marvel: Avengers Alliance feel that 500 Gold per player for those that have invested real money in the game and 200 Gold for free players is appropriate compensation for a years worth of losses. We feel this is not unreasonable as many have spent that alone and more. Thank you.





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