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A Petition to CERN

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"Honey I shrunk the world !" *** A Petition to CERN *** Please, hold off until a learned dialog has been held regarding new scientific evidence. The LHC experiment is hoped to produce mini black holes for the first time in history -possibly one per second over a year. This hope is one of the reasons why the experiment (at up to 8 times the energy of any previous one) is presently planned, starting in the middle of November 2009. This experiment should be held-off until a scientific debate of two new risk factors that surfaced two years ago has taken place: 1) Nonevaporation (in contrast to the up until now expected very fast evaporation in accord with a formula predicted by Stephen Hawking 34 years ago). 2) Runaway growth inside the earth (in contrast to the "linear growth" expected up till now). A proof of nonevaporation is implicit in a re-analysis of the 94-year old radial Schwarzschild metric ("unequal vertical radar distances"). A proof of runaway growth is implicit in the quasar-attractor principle well-known empirically but not recognized as a principle of its own. Accordingly exponential growth starts immediately with a black hole of any size including mini black holes, when embedded in eatable matter like the interior of the earth. Hence it cannot be excluded at present that the first earth-dwelling mini black hole will shrink the earth to 2 cm in a matter of "50 months" rather than the "50 million years" still estimated in last year's BBC poll which already drew 97 percent nay votes. Every earth dweller who thinks the new risks deserve being discussed (and hopefully ruled-out) in time: Please, sign this "petition for further debate" Date: April 18,2008, revised August 13, 2009 Appendix: As 4 persons of exceptional responsibility, we could invite Shimon Peres, Hu Jintao, the Dalai Lama Prince Charles to sign on. The Prince could call-in a scientific conference on short notice that may include the following suggested persons: Sir Martin Rees, Sir Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking, Robert Blandford, Greg Landsberg, Bill Unruh, Adam Helfer, Walter Greiner, Mohamed EI Naschie, Michelangelo Mangano, Jack Hudson, Leon Chua, Andy Hilgartner, David Peat, Keisuke Ito, Roulette Smith, Hubert Goenner, Jörg Frauendiener, Bill Seaman. Remark: Stephen Hawking is not only the originator of the idea that mini black holes should evaporate in a small fraction of a second, but also the one Person on the planet who first seriously called for an escape hatch in case humankind makes a survival mistake. ------------------------------------------------ If you want to print the petition and collect signatures, you can do so and send it directly to Switzerland from anywhere in the world: Schweizerische Bundeskanzlei Bundeshaus West CH-3003 Bern Please help to avoid the planetary risk and sign the petition. Your e-mail address will not be displayed on the signature list.


Prof. Otto E. Rössler, Niccolò Tottoli

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