A Path Forward: Building Wealth and Financial Empowerment

Trineka Greer
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Given NABA, Inc.'s mission and history, coupled with the alarming state of our economy, we feel an urgent need to address the decline in wealth and the lack of effective financial education in the Black community -issues that not only impact our members and our community but also our entire nation. 

As such, by signing this petition, I am making a commitment to forge a path forward. Specifically, I pledge to do the following:

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  • Improve my own financial education.
  • Make financial education a priority for my children.
  • Share the knowledge I have gained with individuals in my community.
  • Patronize at least one Black owned business each month.
  • Promote at least one Black owned business each quarter throughout my personal and  professional network.
  • Invest in my own wealth development.

NABA is committed to supporting Black owned business and enhancing financial education because we believe both are necessary to increase wealth in the Black community.  We will compile all signed petitions and send them to the President of the United States and Congressional Black Caucus.  In addition, NABA, Inc. will promote more opportunities for our members to be a catalyst for change as it relates to wealth development and financial education in their respective communities.


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