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We the regular players of the Abusement Park Role Play server have been less satisfied with the management of the server as of late. The server manager :: AP :: Britney has been an absent manager, and has been unfair as well. We have noticed her playing in other Role Play servers instead of managing ours. We feel that she is highly underqualified to be the manager of this server, and something needs to be done about the way she treats players and other admins. Also, :: AP :: Petrock was arguing in the server with :: AP :: Aero earlier about how he is allowed to have two apartments and we are only allowed one. This is HIGHLY unfair, even for an admin. We have noticed extreme organization issues with the administration of this server, and the admins do not care/notice. When we have problems, we speak with one or even a few admins, and usually the only two that get things done are :: AP :: Statik' and :: AP :: Aero. We understand that :: AP :: Statik' does not have the time to manage the server fully because he must pay for it, but we assume that most of the decisions that directly affect this server are made by him. However, for example, we feel that the admins that DO something when they are in the server are NOT given credit for it. They are actually given quite the opposite: they have the things that they do reversed and then have their admin rights revoked for attempting to make the players happy. The player body as a whole would personally like to thank these admins for standing up for what they think is right, because it is the same things that we are standing up for now. :: AP :: d!cksnot and :: AP :: DisfiguredSheep are also good admins. While they may not have the permissions to do much to resolve problems, they do a terrific job keeping peace and helping new members get started, and they consistently give the server a good name. However, their efforts are constantly contradicted by all of the things that the admins we are protesting about do. Admins also should not be getting their rights revoked for doing things to better the server's quality for the server. We liked this server much more as a whole when these things did not occur, and our problems got resolved in an acceptable amount of time. We are requesting that :: AP :: Britney be replaced by a more involved person that will not put other servers' interests before the interests of ours. We also request that something be done about the admins that are unfair, and/or do not contribute to the server at all. (:: AP :: Petrock) Why are these admins being rewarded with power that they cannot handle As always, we are hoping that this be resolved in a timely fasion, and that our complaints will be heard by someone who cares. Thank you.

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