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Release AoS Classic Ben!!! V1

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Everyone who signs this petition would like to formerly show their interest in informing the creator of Ace of Spades (who will be known as Ben in this article) that there is a concern in the quality of the community, and replay value of his creation. One proposed way to solve this is to release a slimmer, "Classic" version of Ace of Spades. This entails releasing a program that is similar to one of the classic versions of Ace of Spades, somewhere around version .30, but not exactly the same thing. This stems from the belief that older versions of AoS were more entertaining than newer ones. We would like to see the Ace of Spades Classic servers organized differently from the modern ones, or put in a different server list. This will encourage it's use, and stress the different attitude required to play it. It is a different entity from the current AoS. Below, is list of desired features we expect to return/disappear in AoS, and reasons as to why these features need to be added or removed. Please remember that we want these changes in a separate version of AoS, but we are more than happy to see the modern AoS stay the way it is, and be developed at the will of the originator. None of these measures are meant to dictate the most up to date version of this video game. 1: Scratch the Mini Map: When players aren't restricted to opening a map to see what their surroundings are like, It becomes easier to "run and gun." This is a style we wish to see eradicated. When opening a map, players are forced to see all of the boundaries of the terrain, and also must judge when it is safe to divert their attention to the map, and when it is not. 2: Gen Maps Only: There are plenty of creative maps around to play on today, but a lot of them put the player in a position that forces them into the front line. Recent versions of AoS entertain this style of playing drastically, but the strategic, teamwork-driven methods of combing terrain are long gone. It is negotiable to see the inclusion of other generators that would create genuine and random environments that mimic other styles of maps, such as "pyspades", because of their wide boundaries. 3: Inventory Re-hash: More blocks encourages more building! More building requires more thinking! Yo do the math. 4: None of the New Weapons: The Shotgun and SMG are fun to use, but are not desired in the AoS classic release. Remember, these weapons are fine in the current version of AoS, and anyone who wants to use them can do so with the up to date game, but they have no place in AoS Classic. The close range weapons encourage a more front-line-esque gameplay, and will be detrimental to the slower paced warfare of AoS Classic. 5: It's Too Bulky in Here: Revert back to the old map icons. Nobody makes fake intel anymore! Ace of Spades was much more challenging when you could sabotage the opponent's attempts at stealing your intel by making a giant blue square. The tracers on the map need to go too. Nobody can see bullets being shot around them in real life, it removes a sense of estimation. 6: No More Intel Cap Limits: Everyone misses when the score could be as uneven as 126 to 45. Quick endings encourage quick playing and the thrill of pulling a team out of a great slack is gone now. 7: Hit Detection Can Go: People feel more inclined to turn around and shoot, than take cover and use the terrain with hit detection on. If you take a bullet to the chest right now, nobody will tell you where it came from (and you will have bigger problems to worry about.) 8: Bring Back Enemy Locations on Intel Cap: Come on, that's just pure fun. More incentive to actually cap the intel too. 9: Dump Autoclimb: I saved this one for last for a reason. A lot of people don't want to see it go. But having it on really changes the speed of the game, and the rate at which the front line moves. I will slide a little bit for you all and say that this is the only feature that is negotiable, but it needs further inquiry. A possible solution would be to increase jump height, and allow autoclimb on two-block-high walls. Nobody wants to hold ctrl while getting out of the water... . . . The following is a list of positive changes to AoS that can stay. Changing Fog Color, Custom Controls, Custom Teams, Chat fixes, Languages, Admin Abilities, recoil, Hear Other Players Reload, Out of Ammo Indicator, Sensitivity Control, Small treats and Bugfixes, Automatic Name Selection/No More Deuces, Splash/Front End Stuff. Also: Territorial Controll: It is an interesting game mode that will make a good option for gameplay at the very least. It can stay in AoS Classic. The Coordinates: This is a nifty little detail that adds to the game's cooperative elements, but the grid should be turned off, unless it can be made so that it doesn't give away which intel on the map is fake, and which is real. (White lines don't go over the real intel.) I know these are very conservative and extreme views, but before all you naysayers turn away in disgust, remember that we don't want to see this removed permanently from Ace of Spades. This is a petition explaining how we want AoS Classic to shape up. We welcome any and all gamers to use the features listed above, but they do not belong in this conceived special AOS Classic edition. Ben, please take all of this into consideration very carefully and respectfully. This petition was written because a number of your dedicated and concerned fans had more fun with Ace of Spades roughly a year ago than today. Please sign this petition if you are one of those people.

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