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Heed our words, or we leave

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AOl, we've had it. Your recent poor decision making has infuriated us all, and it's time you put an end to this insanity. The only thing you have accomplished is to upset your customers, and give yourself a terrible name. Do not take this lightly, or I assure you, you WILL regret it. Taking away our profiles Stupid! A lot of us put a lot of time and hard work into making them, only to have them suddenly taken away with no warning whatsoever, leaving us unable to back anything up. We lost a lot of wonderful pictures and fantastic writing thanks to you. People put for incredible effort and skill into making them... to make a statement, or portray themselves in an unforgettable way. Let's not forget about all the role players, who used their profiles to intrigue others or display their characters... or list the rules they played by so as not to repeat them to every individual person that showed any interest. My heart broke when I read comments left on my other petition. A woman was left heartfelt messages from her husband in Iraq, and she's lost them all thanks to you. Way to support the troops! Now I hear you're planning on removing chat rooms Are you insane! Thousands, if not millions, of people use AOL for the rooms alone! We can get chat rooms from other places, but none of them have ever compared to those of AOL. They were always easy and visually appealing by comparison to other chat rooms. People use the rooms to play, meet and learn from other people, have group discussions, meet people with similar interests... And you want to take this from us You're mad. All of you. By taking away all of the best things about AOL, you're destroying yourself. If we wanted a knock off version of Myspace or Facebook, we would have one. Some of us do, and liked the idea of keeping aol and social networking sites separated. There is no reason why you can't own Bebo WITHOUT merging the two. Plenty of people use it. Even the people on Bebo are upset, because they too lost their profiles. It's too much of a hassle, and no one likes it at all. This is not something that should be imposed upon your users. Our new Bebo profiles seem to automatically include bits of information... if we wished to share this, we would have already written it ourselves! Heed our words. Stop this now, and fix it... or we will be leaving. Not a few of us, but thousands. More than those who will even be signing this petition. Listen to us, or you will cease to exist. ***************** This one is for people who will be leaving if AOL does not change. If this is you, please sign this. We need to let our voices be heard, and show them how many people they are hurting. NOTE: There is no written proof of this. I was informed by someone that a person at AOL said this, claiming that it's one of the things AOL is going to do in order to merge with Bebo, since the two systems aren't compatible. I don't plan on sending this until/if AOL were to go on record and state this is true. I thought it might be a good idea to have this here just in case, and get it started early. I don't need people arguing with me... either sign it, or don't. That's all :]


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