Against the Website 'Formspring' and it's Role in Cyber Bullying

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It is my belief that the website 'Formspring' is quite simply fanning the flames of something which is already rife in our society, Cyber Bullying. This website allows members to post questions (supposedly) to other users, and it allows them to do so anonymously. Quite often these 'Formspring' posts are spread around 'Facebook' between children at the same school, and others. To be honest, in my personal experience through the connections my younger sister has on the website, I've seen the majority of these 'questions' being passed between adolescents to my area to actually be statements of abuse. I know, that is difficult enough being a teenager in our society, without having hateful messages spread about you to pretty much everybody you know. My main gripe with the website is the anonymity it provides to the bullies, who we know are ultimately cowards. This anonymity gives these bullies the protection to spread their viciousness without any consequence. I believe this to be wrong, if you agree with me and would like to make a stand against the anonymity this website brings, and so the helping hand it provides to the serious issue of Cyber Bullying, then please, sign this online petition, and hopefully we can make a change to reduce the torment of the young people around us. Thank you.





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    Steve Gater United Kingdom
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    ANNAMARIE GATER United Kingdom
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