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Petition to stop Anime/Cartoon Shipping Flaming Wars

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This is an Petition to sign to stop the Anime Relationship Shipping Wars all over the World Wide Web, Alot of People online these days when it comes to Anime as we call a shipping fanbase on the web, there's been too much wars from people who have different beliefs of what certain people support in Anime Shippings, If you don't know what shipping is, Read below. Q: WHAT DOES SHIPPING MEAN? A: Shipping is a common fan thing when it comes to Anime Characters pairing up as couple that you don't really see in Animes these days. (e.g. Pokemon - AshxMisty (Pokeshipping): Which is a imagination thoughs from a fan's midn that they wouild love to see as a couple. For years now, Some Shippers nowdays end up making flaming comments on people's other beliefs of them supporting someone's else's different opinions, As a result of the arguments the different shippers have, One shipping group ends up flaming and saying awful stuff about another shippings groups support of shipping beliefs. This flaming war toll is really getting out of control. We need people to sign this petition to stop this Anime Shipping Wars and get people to stop this meaningless war and try and get along with other people that support pther shippings. about 20% or under have stop the War and got along with other shippers that support different Anime Shippings. But the other 80% Still keep flaming and saying bad putrid stuff about other shipping fan's beliefs. So please do understand this situation. If you want this Anime Shipping Wars to stop all over the Online Web. Please Sign your signature and comment (Optional) That you agree that the Anime Shipping wars is really not doing anything but causing grief.

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