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The website 1. has been bashing bands in for things that they cannot prove, or are false. Ever since around November of 2002, they have been talking against bands such as Pillar, The Benjamin Gate, P.O.D., and mercy me, and solo artists such as Michael W. Smith, Stacie Orrico, and TobyMac. They have been saying things that the bands did not even say, turning things around. This example comes right out of text found on the website in the about section of The Benjamin Gate: \"Adrienne Liesching says about her own band... \'it\'s quite different, quite raw and\'s very South African, just in the spirit behind it.\' This statement is very interesting, because Adrienne has openly stated a very subtle statement. The spirit behind their music is a South African spirit - showing that Adrienne knows the Holy Spirit has nothing to do with her music. South Africa is steeped in mysticism and shamanism.\" Where is the proof that she is following an African spirit Where has she said it These people have absolutely no backing to support their tyranny! Note, she probably was talking about The Holy Spirit, yet these people are just contradicting everything. I believe it\'s purely to tick people off. And even if she was not talking about the Holy Spirit, another meaning for spirit is like, the enthusiasm and the joy behind something. And lets not forget influences. These people are saying that band members being influenced by secular artists automatically makes them demonic. But take notice that bands such as pillar are only influenced MUSICALLY, NOT LYRICALLY! This does not make one demonic. These bands are up there praising God, not bashing him, and yet these certain unknown people are turning them into demons without proof or need to. Rock is just notes played on instruments, just like classical or country! Rock is just a way of getting Gods message through, and I think it works! These people have also claimed that things like lights and disco balls are unchristian, just because Jesus did not use them. Uh, maybe it\'s cause they were not invented back then! It\'s a no-doh matter, these people are clearly out of their minds, or just messed up. They also seem to be claiming that TobyMac


A few anonymous people aside myself are fully against this website. We want it shut down fast!!!

Links this is the site that either should be shut down or at least only bash bands if they have real proof.
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