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Anti-Corruption In Law Enforcement

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I believe that we as South Africans have the right to proper Law Enforcement basically proper security. Not only is our law enforcement very badly corrupt but they also lack basic human decency. I believe that officers who do things intentionally such as embarrassing a citizen is also corrupted and should also be punished for it. When using your status to wrongfully gain or benefit from is called corruption.

Extortion is the biggest form of corruption. I see how corruption affects my community as well as other communities. People who bribe law enforcement get benefits people who can't afford it can get, which does not support equality.

I think this topic should be overlooked by the government and in order to do this, we all need to sign this petition. I have also come up with some idea the government can use in order to make the corruption rate lower, if not make it completely extinct. South Africa has an extremely high crime rate and I believe a lot of that has something to do with corruption. I think in order to make the corruption rate lower when our security gets trained they should have a course to teach decency or teach the officers what exactly is right and wrong. I also think that they should get taught about what happens to them when or if being corrupted or indecent to a citizen or even other officers of the law. corruptions deserve a more intense punishment, I think this because these people who are supposed to be looking out for us keeping us safe are not "caring" just for the extra money. maybe if the law enforcement gets paid more than they are right now they would not even think of becoming corrupted.

in order for us to have less corruption we need to work together and we should hold the government countable and with this, we can also create a stronger relationship between the government and citizens. Without access to the international financial system, corrupt public officials throughout the world would not be able to launder and hide the proceeds country assets or even any extortion money from local citizens.

If half of Cape Town signs this petition we can have the government view this topic and not only my ideas but everyone's ideas as well. Please stand with me as we help our country anti-corruption. #SaveSA

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