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Anti-Horse Slaughter

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Guess what happens about 49,235 times a year. Yes. A horse dies, in a slaughterhouse. What is a slaughterhouse you ask A slaughterhouse is a place where a very careless horse owner sells a perfectly good, healthy, beautiful, and sound horse to be, well, slaughtered. 70% of all horses at the slaughter plant were in good, fat, or obese condition; 72% were considered to be "sound" of limb; 84% were of average age; and 96% had no behavioral issues. Slaughter plants do not want old, sick horses for obvious reasons. To get to the slaughterhouse, the horses are loaded in a stock trailer. The trailer is sometimes double-decker. The trailer is overpacked and the horses are not separated. They can fight and get hurt. This can last for over 24 hours, without food or water. Once they arrive, they are unloaded into a small field which is as packed as the trailer. They then get led into the actual slaughterhouse and, one by one, get multiple blows to the head (this is called being stunned) with a bolt. They then get shackled by the leg and get hung upside down. This is the graphic part. They then cut their throat and let their still beating heart drain the blood from their body. This is a very horrible thing that is happening, though the worst thing about this is that THIS IS LEGAL. It is up to us, the people, to eliminate slaughterhouses.

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