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Anti Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario

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The decisions the government makes are sometimes stupid.

Especially "Bill 132 2005" An Act to amend the Dog Owners' Liability Act to increase public safety in relation to dogs, including pit bulls, and to make related amendments to the Animals for Research Act, more so known as the "Pit Bull Ban".

Pit Bulls are saddled with an undeserved reputation fueled by ignorance and misunderstanding. This is a lot in part due to the media for reporting Pit Bull attacks differently than other dog bite incidents.

Imagine your dog because of it's breed was confiscated by the authorities and put down simply because he is of a breed your city legislated against. These are the consequences of breed specific legislation (BSL). The basis for BSL rests solely on a collection of perceptions such as the size of the body, shape of the head, and length of the hair. Lets put it in other words, it is guild by association.

"The city of Coquitlam, had BSL. Until October 2011, the three recognized bull breeds were automatically considered vicious dogs and were required to be muzzled, along with other restrictive criteria imposed on them.
Animal Services Supervisor Bull says, in her opinion, BSL
doesn't work as any breed of dog can display bad behaviour and can bite, and City resources and efforts are better spent educating owners, enforcing rules, and ticketing owners who fail to comply.
"Punish the deed not the breed," says Bull"
- Modern Dog Magazine Spring 2013

We need recognize that is not the breed it's the owners.
It can come down right from puppy training (with any breed).
Dogs, like their wolf ancestors, are pack hunters. Efficient hunting in a pack requires a high degree of social organization. Dogs relate to people as pack members. It's up to your family to become "pack leaders" by performing simple exercises and stopping aggressive play. Failure to do so may cause other problems.

6 Reasons Why American Pit Bulls Are Not Scary

American Pit Bulls are a very misunderstood breed. They can be stubborn and agile, making unseemly people train them for attacking and illegal dog fighting. Pit bulls can be very sweet, however, and here are 6 reasons that prove this.

1. Intelligence
Pit Bulls are very intelligent. They can learn tricks and commands very easily. When owners begin obedience training early on, they can harness the breed’s intelligence and make them excellent pets.

2. Personality
Pit Bulls are confident and aware of their surroundings. This makes people think they are great watchdogs, but they just want to greet and love on the person at the door. Pit Bulls love life and are very happy every day. Their vitality makes them behave like a puppy until they are very old.

3. Family-Friendly
Pit Bulls are loving and devoted to their family. They will protect them at all costs. Since they were first bred for dog fighting, they rarely bite humans because the owners had to separate them in fights. They are known for being gentle family dogs who are patient with and love children.

4. Socialization
While Pit Bulls do not start dog fights, they will not back down and will do whatever it takes to finish them. It is wise to socialize Pit Bulls early on to avoid this tendency and keep them on a leash until trust has been established. They need to be exposed to many different sights, sounds, and experiences when they are young.

5. Play and Exercise
Pit Bulls need at least an hour a day of play or exercise. They need owners who can devote time and attention to them so they can build a strong bond and relationship with their families.

6. House dogs
Pit Bulls are best as house dogs, even with their needed play and exercise. They do not handle the cold very well and will suffer loneliness if they are not attached to their families.

People may express fear about your American Pit Bull, but you need to be persistent in your training to change their minds about the breed. Owners need to provide consistent and firm guidance to avoid stubborn and bossy qualities found in the breed.…/

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