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There used to be an announcements board in the North Hall where all could gather around and read the announcements. Now there are televisions in the cafeterias that display the announcements. We take issue with that. Why?

  • It's slow. Each slide takes forever to go through.
  • It's ugly. It really is.
  • It's inconsistent. Not everybody who submits advertisements knows how to make it readable and effective, unlike the old announcements board that had a strict template.
  • It's missing things. A lot of organizations at TFSS don't bother putting things on there because it's so ineffective.
  • It's socially awkward. Looking up at a television screen makes you look like a UFO enthusiast.
  • It's crowded. There's news and Twitter feeds and logos competing for attention against the announcements on the television screens.
  • It's irrelevant. There's stuff from September still floating around stealing your valuable time while you wait for the next thing in the slides rotation.
  • It's unimplemented. Most teachers do not show the announcements slideshow in class.
  • It's inaccessible. The cafeterias are not always open, and not every student goes to the cafeteria regularly. The other place to view it is in front of the north hall office which really does make you look like a UFO enthusiast. There are no other places to view the slideshow, and if there are, nobody knows about them.
  • It's annoying. For those who are only interested in a few things, it is not worth checking the announcement board on a daily basis. Therefore, students lose initiative, and those who retain initiative to do so become annoyed. To maintain an audience it would be better if checking the announcements was as easy for students to do as possible.
  • It's broken. The televisions sometimes are not on!

If you don't care about the announcements, good for you! (Actually bad for you, there's important things in there.) But since you're here anyway and it only takes a click to sign our petition, help support the rest of TFSS which does care about announcements. Thank you!

Note: There seems to be a handful of people from other schools who care about this issue. While that is amazing in itself, note that those votes may or may not count when we eventually present the petition.

Note: Although you may submit an anonymous vote, not doing so make your vote more credible and valuable to us when we eventually present the petition.

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