Announce if it is a red or blue day on the morning announcments

Owen Vlahos
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We the undersigned believe that it would be more convenient and beneficial for the students and faculty o souhegan high school if the color of the day, red or blue, would be announced in the morning over the intercom along with all the other announcements. It would create a lot less confusion because many people forget to look at the electronic board outside the café then go around confused about where they are going and they ask friends who also don't know. Other students would just plainly like to know where they are going ahead of time. This would also give students clear expectations and know what to except. From testimonials about clear expectations given by teachers Grusec and Goodnow In 1994 "things run more smoothly with less confusion." We would feel much less confused if the announcements included the indication of the color of the day.




  • 5 years ago
    aaron stonebraker United States
    5 years ago