No More Dead Beat Parents-Stricter Child Support Laws

Phyllis Nisoff
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I currently have two open and active cases with the Georgia Child Support Enforcement Program. From my understanding the Georgia Child Support Enforcement (hereinafter “GCSE”) program is suppose to work to benefit children by enforcing the parental responsibility to pay financial assistance, in hopes to promote and ensure family self-sufficiency and stability along with reducing the public burden of supporting abandoned children. This program claims to coordinate the collection and distribution of the payments, in handling the collection of spousal support only when included in an order for child support where the child hasn't been emancipated (order enclosed for your reference). Pursuant to open Case No. 570019953 with the GCSE, to date my daughter’s father owes her over $50,000. GCSE has not been proactive in obtaining back child support on behalf of my daughter, Anna and the Georgia court system has not worked in my favor and I/we need assistance on a federal level. I have worked my entire life as a legal assistance/paralegal and I have supported both of my children, on my own. The way I see it, if all parents, not just father’s, paid their obligated child support, the federal and state government would not have to provide government assistance to those underprivileged children. I have supported a son who will graduate from college in December and I now have a daughter, and I do hope and pray that the child support guidelines will be changed and improved for our future children. The federal government needs to step in on all levels. There needs to be a stricter process for dead-beat parents. I understand that the jails are over crowded, therefore, on the judicial aspect; the judges do not want to incur further costs in dealing with parents who do not want to pay their child support. This is a crime in itself and needs to be addressed. Mr. President I heard in one of your speeches that you will not tolerate dead beat parents. What is being done on the federal level? Growing up with a single mother, she was on wealth fare and I was in and out of foster care because my mother was not able to provide for us financially therefore, hurt her emotionally. Thanks goodness my mother gave me the strength and power to stand on my own two feet and fight and support for my children and I am proud to say that I have been able to provide for my children; however, it has been extremely difficult at times. I am not writing just on my behalf, I am writing on behalf of millions of single parents and single children who do without every day. The federal government is keen on assisting upper class with tax issues, etc., but what about the lower to middle class single parents who work every day to barely get by supporting their families without the assistance from both parents. We do not want government handouts…we want action. We need for the deadbeat parents of our children to be placed on notice that the federal government will not put up with such behavior and will seek immediate sanctions against them. If you agree with these statements, please sign this petition as it will be sent to our Governor, our President and The First Lady as well as the Office of Child Support Enforcement, Division of Federal Systems. NO MORE DEAD-BEAT PARENTS--HELP ME FIGHT THIS ON ALL LEVELS !!