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Stop Anna Fischer's Corruption of Special Events

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Dear Friends of Conventions and Special Events, It has come to my attention that people are being allowed to perform under false pretenses, in other words committing fruad. Over the past few years one such individual named Anna Fischer has taken credit for several others' work. My group and many others have observed her Cosclips photo booth being manned by only other people, Anna herself approaching said booth on only rare occasions. The advertizing for this booth as well as the website and events she appears at clearly states that the photographs are taken by Ms. Fischer. This means allowing said booth to be run in this manner is condoning false advertizing which is against the law. Other than the photography subject I would also like to discuss some even more pressing matters that not only affect conevntion attendees, but could also cause international incident. Ms. Fischer looks over the entries for the World Cosplay Summit in the United States. I was told by the people in charge of the judges that they are supposed to take part in the selection process, but over atleast the last two years several groups of entries have been denied simply on the fact of either Ms. Fischer having a bad history with the entrants or that she does not know them, be they not from the New York area or they are not from what Ms. Fischer believes is some sort of cosplay heiarchy. On top of controlling the selction process she is allowed to accompany the American winners to Japan claiming to be that group's official photographer. To allow this individual to make her own rules for an international competition is not just an injustice, it is illegal in pretty much every country participating in such event. Groups should be allowed to choose their own photographer and all be given a fair chance to participate. Years ago she claimed a friend's work by watermarking their photos with her own name. You can see from her boothes that she still intends to do the same. She takes the credit of another's work time and time again. Conventions have not only allowed this behavior, but condoned it by making her staff for their events. All of these things only let her believe that no one will do anything about it. A recent posting she'd displayed on the internet sent out a casting call for cosplayers to take part in New York's Sakura Matsuri. The press releases she sends out alongside these postings falsely lead people to believe that event attendees cosplay for her benefit. In actuality most comers to such an event cosplay for their own enjoyment and do not even know her name. There are many people who avoid conventions or events because she either takes part in it or merely attends it. To emit such an air of disgust to others does not allow for a pleasant atmosphere. I would be wary of bringing friends or, god forbid, children into such an unpleasant area. I feel deep sorrow for the friends of such an individual. On the post mentioned earlier replies were given by said friends, all of which telling of how her standards were askew. She has already been banned from Zenkaicon, a convention in Pennsylvania This message has been sent to all the events that my peers or I know of that she has been involved in. The last individual that tried to inform on this person has been treated like garbage and therefore have started this address to get my message to anyone in charge. My reason for issuing this written statement is to inform you and the public of these injustices to prevent their spread. Your event and events like it are provided for the enjoyment of the general public. Guarding them against fruad is my only disire. I and several others were wronged by such tricksters. Please do not allow it to happen again. A petition following this letter is available online. I am without means to circulate one by hand. I hope it helps.

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