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Animals wouldn't call Pet Shelter "HUMANE"

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Find ways to help PETS instead of funding KILL SHELTERS/ called the HUMANE SOCIETY((they take enough of our tax dollars to fund their cruelty and killing already! )) In order to STOP KILLING, we must Stop Breeding and must never put a healthy pet in a KILL SHELTER... (few get out alive) SHELTERS WILL be paid well for any pet lucky enough to leave building alive... ONCE a pet's IN you lose all rights and it's like pulling teeth (to get them out alive) People act like they DON'T  KNOW this. Thousands are killed each day!  They may be nice to you when you drop off a pet, "$$" but they talk horribly behind your back as soon as you leave and they LIE to you. They can lose their job if they tell you the truth. IF u adopt, it will be AFTER your personal interrogation of YOUR humanity.((we need someone interrogating THEM!  I mean you are not the one KILLING HEALTHY PETS,THEY ARE, you are the hero,  ADOPTING. But if you return/or drop off a pet to the shelter, you may as well say you kill healthy pets.  And SPAY AND NEAUTER (strays) and your own pets: whether indoor our out fenced: Let the HS help YOU, The Humane Society will set up a stray spay/neuter by DONATION. You will be tremendously helping by keeping pups/ kits from being born into this cruel overpopulated HOMELESS pet world. These pets end up in SHELTERS with URGENT signs and CODE RED signs..... Killing Healthy pets is abuse. Hitler works in shelters all over the US gassing and euthenizing healthy pets. We know our present efforts to END this suffering and crime hasn't WOREKD>, lets try things that will: HELP CHANGE LAWS TO Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Strict Felony Abuse Laws, If a pet is bred, it's the ONLY ONE in the litter that is allowed to be bred, the chosen pet, must only become preggers ONE TIME! ONE LITTER ONLY! BREEDER has to have PROOF and PAPERS all proven documents VET approved and pups micro chipped to (BREEDERS CONTACT ) on the owners information: so that WHEN your pets  end up DROPPED OFF at the pet shelter... they can be safely returned to the one who BROUGHT THEM into the world.... How's that for taking your responsibilities seriously? YOUR pets offspring won't be killed for human irresponsibility, ignorance or greed ANYMORE, that will be a thing of the past and last: don't stop until we SEE that these fair and necessary laws are ENFORCED.  NOTE: Humane Societies LIE... they LIE about their KILLING. Know that there is NO such thing as a NO KILL HUMANE SOCIETY SHELTER ! Don't take your pet there, EVER, it would be better to shoot them yourself, b/c believe me, it's less traumatizing for them. OR you could locate area pet rescue. They work tirelessly to keep pets out of shelters and they ARE the in home foster rescue contacts: THEY DON'T kill them or traumatize them ( most of the time) but check YOUR your people OUT well.  There are wolves in sheep clothing even in PET RESCUE. Power hungry freaks, such as these, still kill and abuse, and play god and play VET giving shots and trying to botch surgery themselves to save money etc. So choose your pet help WISELY. I research, I study, I ask and I find out.... I tell the truth.. I hope you will do the same. So, trust no one, except for yourself when it comes to your pet. Be THERE for all grooming's and vetting that occurs for your pet, until you do trust the person on the other end. Lastly: HELP ASSIST your Rescue Group!! FIND that BEST home FOR your pet.. don't dump it all blindly in THEIR lap.. give them INFO, give them GOOD PHOTOS, give them the INs and OUTs of the personality and best home type FOR that pet. ANd ALWAYS get drivers liscense address and contact info: get a name, number, Work and home address, do home checks often, stay in touch, they won't mind that if they are good people. If they DON"T offer that info... they are not your pets friend...Make an APPLICATION of YOUR own for them to fill out.  If you can't do things smart and responsibly, FOR your pet, you don't deserve the responsibility of pets... they need special, delicate care, just as a child needs, if you can't do that... please, leave that sweet YOUNG puppy to someone who CAN treat it properly = ) Amen.  IF aborting pups/kittens, is MURDER.... what would you call "CODE RED!" and "URGENT! and DEATH ROW IS ????????????? STop the madness we have done the things that DO NOT WORK over, and over, and over and the outcome is STILL the same..(over populated homeless pet problem lets try ways that make sense :


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