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Bring back Animal Crossing

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To: Nintendo Dear Nintendo, As the years progressed, we have witnessed a series of wonderful games called Animal Crossing. First of all, we want to take the time out to let you know that we really love Animal Crossing. The very first game for Animal Crossing in the Americas, Animal Crossing Population: Growing, touched the lives of many gamers. The game has dramatically changed from The gamecube version to the nintendo wii version. It was exciting, hip and innovative, however, as we noticed there were many different things from the Gamecube version that were left out in the last two games. There are so many great things in the gamecube version that we feel should make a return in the possible next Animal Crossing game for the next new console: First and foremost, what really is the most important aspect of Animal Crossing? Why, the animals of course! The animals of Animal Crossing were sassy, charismatic and even helpful. Whenever a player needed work, you could just ask for work from a villager. The villager also had better dialogue. You could talk to them about cool random things and it really made the game feel more realistic. Now on City Folk, the animal repeats every single thing and it just makes it a drag to even talk to them. It was also fun to see how much more the villagers participated in various activities such as: 1)Them kicking the ball around with you and others 2)Exercising bright in early for morning aerobics 3)Throwing in a coin for the fountain on New years. Them actually getting involved in the town’s activity made it feel more realistic. 4)Setting up tents and igloos during certain times of the year. It was fun to play little mini-games and have visitors camp out in the town. 5) Randomly burying items in town and posting about it on the bulletin. It just made them feel more apart of the village and made the game awesome. 6) Them asking you for favors. A great way to get out and do some work for the villagers! It was cool to ask them for favors instead of them randomly telling you to do something. 7) Most importantly, them actually participating in the various holidays and events. Now, we only talk to Tortimer and the animals just wonder around clueless. Those made them feel lively and fun to talk to. And the best part of it was, there were 15 of them around the village! That made the village so lively and wonderful. **Also, so many people feel that the dying grass is just unneccessary for animal crossing. It just really makes the town unattractive and it really ruins the tradition of animal crossing. In Population: Growing, the events on there made it feel like a real village. It made the villagers and you participate in wonderful activities. Now, in the next AC game, it would be cool if the players can actually participate in some of the events they couldn’t participate in. Such as, Sports Fest where you can actually throw balls and play with the villagers. C’mon! Everyone loves the Nook Monthly Raffle! And it was such a great way to get awesome prizes. Perhaps Nook can keep his own checklist instead of the us actually holding all of those tickets. We understand that NES games can be available through shop channel but it was wonderful to have them in the Gamecube version. Perhaps Nintendo can put in some other older games and be able to play it in Animal Crossing. And possibly play against other guests in the town. We love the signboards! Now, here’s the chance to bring them back! We can really make the town feel more realistic with signboards, they were fun to use in AC Population Growing and you can be as creative as you wanted! The Dump. Every town has one, why not Animal Crossing? It was cool to just have the dump to throw away any undesirables and then check for any cool things you might want to keep! Instead of just the recycling bin (can you really recycle things like rotten turnips, etc?) Remember the gyroid in front of our house? Turns out, just about EVERYONE loves those cute little things! Now with wifi, we can set the gyroid to hold things, sell those items, display or even give away. And with the new Animal Crossing, you can add more features, such as, instead of the auction house, you can have our personal gyroid auction off items right there! We miss those little guys! The Train Station, Police Station and Post Office! We miss those buildings! It made the town feel like a REAL town! The train station seems more realistic. Think about it: If you want to go to someone’s town from around the world, would you really RUN all the way there? The train station makes the game MORE realistic. The Police Station was also cool! It was very fun to use. Perhaps Nintendo can add more features to it, such as the player helping the officers with a stake-out. The in-game calendar. This was awesome! We can now be more prepared for upcoming events, instead of hearing it by word of mouth. The game island! We miss that island! It was like an escape! A blissful adventure. Now, we can do more things with it. Such as a mini-hotel, with random villagers that walk about there. And even have a cool event there, like a surfing contest or a Caribbean party. And let’s not forget one of the most important aspects. THE MUSIC!!! The music from AC Gamecube version had so much spunk, it was lively, it was awesome! Now, the music in Wild World and City Folk is the exact same, and BORING!!! Perhaps you can do a re-mix of the Gamecube version’s music or do COMPELTELY different music for the next console game but make it as lively as the Gamecube version, not like Wild World or City Folk. Here are the NEW IDEAS FOR ANIMAL CROSSING: We can bring back some of the old and add in some new stuff! LETTING VISITORS COME TO THE CITY WITH YOU!!! Let’s make this next game really cool by allowing our friends come to the city with us, shop, eat at a restaurant, etc! Restaurant in the City- A lot of gamers also feel that there should be a little more added to the city. What better way to spice up the city then with a trendy little restaurant? The can be a waiter/waitress that takes the orders, the player orders from a menu and eats the meals. The meals could possibly make the player run faster, find money easier, etc. And you can eat with your friends inside or outside! You choose! Your living space-It would be awesome to have a house with a yard. We could cut the grass (instead of it dying out and looking horrid), plant a garden and do all sorts of cool things. Perhaps, actually having the barbeque, the sprinkler, etc OUTSIDE. That makes the game more realistic and fun! Who wouldn’t enjoy a cook out with there friends? It makes hosting people all the more fun! Also, since the holidays are back, we can decorate the outside, instead of just the inside with things like, lights around the house for Christmas or little jack-o-lanterns around the house for Halloween. We can buy these things from Tom Nook as well Cooking in your house-It would be a cool feature to add cooking in AC! If your friends come over, it would be cool to offer them tasty treats, a nice home cooked meal, bake a cake for a birthday or make a nice Thanksgiving Dinner!. Different Seasons and The Activities-As the seasons’ past, it’s nice to special things during that time. Here are a few examples: Summer-We could have a Summer Cook-Out as an event or festival in Animal Crossing. Copper could cook out on the barbeque near the beach and have a surfing contest, moonlight boat rides, a boating show, and so much more! And of course, having the tents back! Winter-Aside from having the igloos back, it would be cool to have a snowball fight with your friends and even villagers! And Tortimer can make it an event! You can pick teams, complete in a snowball fight and have fun! Also, there can be a chowder festival! Who can cook the best chowder ever? Find out in the Chowder Festival! Fall-During Halloween, instead of everyone looking like Jack, how about other cool costumes? A witch, vampire, so many other options! And we could have some costumes that do cool things like make you temporarily fly as a witch, or turn into a bat if you’re a vampire, and other cool things but these can be rare (like through Nook’s raffles, etc)! Even the animals can dress up into other cool costumes! It makes the game realistic and fun! Spring-Here we can have a real state fair or carnival with a small Ferris wheel, a cool rollercoaster and carnival food such as cotton candy, funnel cakes, etc. Sincerely, The Gamers

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