Animal Cruelty

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Honestly why would god, think of pets as property? That was the idea of slavery. an outdated and cruel custom that still exists in the form of animal cruelty and neglect today. Why are our Pets, our children considered propery? Is it fair to continue to allow this heinous way of thinking to continue? If so, then we are a doomed society because dogs and cats in particular teach humans the most basic vales. Love. Trust. Loyalty. How do we repay those gifts? We negIect them, abuse them, and exploit them. We forget that they too, have individual personality traits and feelings like humans but we treat them as inanimate objects like trophies. Its disgusting. I want to change the laws regarding dog breeders and other individuals that knowingly sell pets to loving families only to find them diseased and/or sick.People should be responsible for the lives they affect with their cruel mistreatment, or worse, lack thereof. I want to make it a felony to abuse or neglect your pets. Someone has to stand up to these inhumane monsters. Iam going to fight this battle to my dying breath for my 2 year ols corgi that was infected by a neighbor dog whose owner not only knew her dogs were infected but failed to inform her multi dog neighbors, and sold infected puppies with no regard for the puppy's life or the new owners. Please help me for our pets/loved ones, who cannot speak for themselves. Help me save innocent, loving animals for they should not bear the weight of our misdeeds. I want it to be a Felony for those who are breeding pets just for profit and with no regard for the well being and health of an innocent life! If you have any compassion for life, If you love your dogs and cats, or just animals in general, please help me protect your babies and mine. Theses rae not just pets to us, but our babies. we love them as much as our own children, shouldn't be protect and care for them as we would our human children. Please.... I need your help.





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    Marcelyn Thomas United States
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    Victoria Salter United Kingdom
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    Michael Chester United States
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