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Angry Black Ops Players

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I am starting this petition after playing Black Ops tonight. I am so angry and frustrated with the treatment we have received from Treyarch and Activision, including that Treyarch ignores any problem with a system that isn't the Xbox 360. I have spent a fair amount of time on Black Ops so I've seen plenty of buggy spawns and stupid things happening to me but this one takes the cake. I was playing capture the flag on firing range (not my choice) and we were up 2-0 on the trailer side. Eventually, we start spawning away from our flag, back behind the trailer. Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a deal but in this instance there was a camper sitting in the trailer, holed up with claymores, ignoring our flag. Again, normally, this wouldn't have been a problem as I am a pretty decent player and can usually take care of someone like that by myself. In this instance though, after I was killed the first time with a claymore, I spawned right behind the door to this trailer. This camper spawn killed me 15 times in a row, never letting me take a step, before I rage quit. I swear that I will never play capture the flag on this game again. Regardless, this is just one instance of poor game design I've come across in this game and is the reason I've decided to start this petition.

Sign this if you're tired of terrible spawns and laggy lobbies.  Sign this if you think the hit detection is unacceptable. Sign this if you're tired of playing maps multiple times in a row. Sign this if you're tired of overpowered guns like the ak74u and Famas (and that Treyarch won't listen to us about them!). Sign this if you want to be able to use snipers again (they didn't have to nerf them so much that we have a hard time hard scoping)! Sign this if you're tired of overpowered perks like Ghost (the counter to which is a 8 killstreak!) and underpowered perks like Hardened Pro and Ninja (which doesn't make a bit of a difference because footsteps have been dialed down so much). Sign this if you're tired of Treyarch catering maps to campers! Sign this if you're just tired of crappy map design. PC players, sign this if you're tired of hackers!  PC players, sign this if you can't play Black Ops because it's poorly optimized or you're tired of buggy servers. And most of all, sign this if you know that Treyarch doesn't give a damn about the PS3 and PC communities of Black Ops.

This is unacceptable for any multiplayer game, let alone a AAA title.  Stand up and be heard, share this with your fellow gamers!

Please put your PSN, gamertag, or steam name in the box.
Example: yodadamanadamwan (PSN).  Also, you don't have to use your actual email.  And feel free to share something in Black Ops that has made you angry.




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