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Let Us Unite to Kill the Curious Cat

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I have witnessed intense cyber bullying on Curious Cat before, with an anonymous user telling a girl to kill herself. I contacted them to address it and they never wrote back. But yesterday I saw something that made me physically ill.

If Curious Cat won't live up to their Terms and Conditions, they need to take responsibility.

Terms and conditions

This page states the Terms of Service under which you, as the User, may use curiouscat.me Please read this page carefully. If you do not accept the Terms of Service stated here, please, do not use this site. The Site may change these Terms of Service at any time. You should visit this page periodically to review these Terms of Service.

  1. Harassment or witch hunting is absolutely prohibited and will result in the removal of your account.
  2. In accordance with our anti-bullying policy, any abusive posts sent by a log in user will have their identity exposed.
  3. Any content wich violates copyright laws will be deleted
  4. Impersonations of other entities and/or individuals are not permitted and said accounts will be deleted.(Parody accounts are not included under this clause, so far as they are self declared)
  5. Accounts which promote hate and/or violence are not permitted and will be deleted
  6. Full nudity is permitted within legal limits, failure to abide these will lead to the removal of said content and/or the account responsible
  7. By accepting these terms and conditions you accept to be held responsible for any legal repercussion that may come from the content you publish.

This excerpt from their Privacy Policy is a joke:

Limits of Responsibility

The site is not responsible of the content of the user's profiles, since we do not, and can not control and monitor it.

We encourage a good behavior, and we have tools to try to make this site a safe place for our users

What tools do they have in place if they're allowing an anonymous user to tell someone who found his mother after she committed suicide less than a month go to kill himself?

We need to get rid of Curious Cat once and for all. Sites like this are the reason kids are live streaming their suicides. Help me get rid of this awful site. Introducing an anonymous option on social media has absolutely no positive benefits. It simply creates a platform for people to be exceedingly cruel without consequence. Well, today I've decided there needs to be a consequence.

If they won't address these issues, they need to be shut down once and for all.

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