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Protesting Charlie\'s \"Political\" Angels

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To be fair, I don\'t know Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, or Lucy Liu personally. I just go by what I see on TV, the movies, and read in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. But with that being said, I seriously bothers me whenever somebody famous, who essentially, are simply entertainers, have to force their opinions concerning world affairs and social issues upon all of us (especially if it\'s in such a paranoid and/or alarmist fashion). I almost what to believe that there are still folks out their who take all of the freedoms and liberties that the United States of America for granted. Lets put it this way, what other place can you think of in which Drew would be able to get away w/ flashing David Letterman on his birthday other than the USA. Besides that, I\'m almost dumbfounded to read about how Diaz is very, very concerned about the \"rights of women\" in America when the women have just about little if any rights in the Middle East (especially when the Taliban was in power). Personally, I almost want to get a little bit offended when I see people like Drew & \"Miss Environment\" Cameron Diaz rant about various social issues that you\'ve read about in the opening as if they\'re much worldly than all of us since they\'re in the public eye. Frankly, it\'s almost asinine for Drew to force her political beliefs or what not and/or the importance of certain issues upon all of us when she herself can\'t be the most righteous person in the around! Lets put it this way, she maybe a big movie star and have more money than I can ever dream of. But I might as well surpass her in the I have a bigger conscious. Lets put it this way, while Drew wants to be self-righteous about guns and the importance of voting, unlike her, I never did drugs (especially before I hit the age of 13), I never had two failed marriages before I hit the age of 30, I never dropped out of grade school, and I ever had to get a legal separation from my parents. Even if she did change her act for the better, that still doesn\'t mean that I at the very least can trust her. What seriously bothers me was that there was a period of time in which Drew acted as if she was trying to pander and show examples of responsilibity young people as if to reach a greater audience (particularly pre-teens). So she shows up on Nickelodeon\'s Kids\' Choice Awards shows (Drew even won the award for Favorite Actress for \"Charlie\'s Angels\"), she makes the family friendly \"Olive, the Other Raindeer\" TV special, when she hosts \"SNL\" she talks about the variety of dumb things that she did since the first time that she hosted 15 or so years before during the monologue etc., etc., etc. Lets put it this way, if Drew wants to be a veggie or Cameron wants to drive electric powered cars and be a devoted environmentlist and what not then so be (more power time). The main concern that I have is when celebrities seriously feel the need to impose their beliefs upon all of us. It\'s almost as if they\'re on the verge of risking alienation towards half of their fan base and the paying public. A perfect example of this is when Lucy, Drew, and Cameron went on MTV\'s \"TRL\" and tried to hype up the importance of voting. No big deal right! Well they were doing it while wearing matching t-shirts that read \"I Won\'t Vote for a Son of a Bush!\" Frankly, that act was purely hypocritical, selfish, and maybe even a bit childish. I would\'ve had far more respect for them if they simply said \"I believe that Al Gore or vice-versa is the right man for the job!\" and left it like that rather than make such a pretentious show (while likely abusing their powers as de-facto role models) about what we should do during the election. Personally, I would prefer to see a movie so that I can be entertained without having to worry about having one of the star\'s politicial agendas thrown in as a tie-in. I seriously would like to know this question in terms of the double-standard point-of-view. Why is it wrong to put some sort of strong emphasis on guns yet it\'s okay to glamourize smoking, use the Lord\'s name in vain at one point, and shamelessly show disrespect towards women by using a term to describe female dogs all the while using various sexual motives (i.e. skimpy outfits) in order to get the job done! I totally agree w/ what the one woman whom I\'m quoting said. If Drew Barrymore & company were really doing our children a favor, then she would also condemn the rest of the stuff that I just mentioned besides the drug issue, rather than using her producer\'s credits to shove a one-sided liberal agenda down all of our throats!




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