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An open letter to Donald Trump: Prosecution of Elite pedophile rings

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We request that President-Elect Donald J. Trump make a personal commitment to expose, dismantle, and prosecute all members of Elite Pedophile Rings, whose members are involved in the trafficking, rape, abuse, torture, and even cannibalization of children. As a result of related cases that have been prosecuted in foreign nations, it is now understood that government officials, their representatives, members of the elite class and their associates have participated in heinous crimes against children. Still others have willfully covered up such crimes, or simply refused to investigate -- as is witnessed in the mainstream media today.

We request of President-Elect Donald J. Trump, that he create 1) an independent investigative task force to work with international law enforcement, and 2) appoint a special prosecutor in charge of cases where evidence merits. We request that both offices serve only the safety of children by exposing and prosecuting Elite pedophile and child torture rings. Including their members who exceed the highest levels of government, professional, or social standing.

We request also that a House Committee is created to oversee the progress of such task force and the special prosecutor in charge. Humanity has awakened and many, many citizens are equally outraged and disgusted by what lurks at the bottom of the swamp. We wish to be apprised of progress and developments in regard to the dismantling of Elite pedophile and torture rings.

We request also, and importantly, that a secure line of communication be created for victims and families of child torture, and for all those with knowledge to become whistleblowers or tipsters.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump, we want to help you drain the swamp. America is counting on you to fearlessly dismantle corruption at all levels, and it must begin with bringing to justice those who torture, rape, murder, and cannibalize the most defenseless among us: children. The Elite pedophile rings are the absolute tip of the spear in global corruption.

Thank you, President-Elect Donald J. Trump, for your compassion and attention to this matter. Elite pedophile rings in Canada, Great Britain, France, and Australia have been exposed in recent years. America sorely missed the mark during the Franklin Boys Town Scandal investigation in which justice was not served, even under the excellent lead of retired Federal Agent Ted Gunderson.

Now, under your uniquely bold leadership, President Trump, we have a real opportunity to end the physical and psychological torture of children in America and across the globe. As a natural born and elected leader, we count on you to lead the charge in this horrific war. We pledge to fight at your side to protect children from Elite predators.

Very sincerely,

Citizens for the protection of children against Elite predators.

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