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Stop the party houses on Amwaj!

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A number of villas on Amwaj Island are being rented out on a daily basis for parties, causing distress to the residents who live nearby. The owners don’t care, as they are making very good money at our expense. We believe that this is illegal unless the owners obtain a CR to conduct a “hotel” business and, since this is purely a residential area, we do not believe this practice would be condoned. • Most days, we have groups of people coming (sometimes two groups in one day) and, apart from anything else, we are concerned for our safety and security. • The noise is intolerable (on occasion, we have had up to 100 people at a time) and the partying continues all day and through the night, sometimes until 5.00 or 6.00 in the morning. We all have to go work in the mornings and cannot sleep peacefully in our own houses. Some families have young children and it is disturbing their sleep patterns. • Some families own pets (dogs and cats) and frequently these animals are abused by the “visitors” who throw stones, sand, etc. at them and even go so far as to take videos on their smartphones of the animals’ reactions. • Some of us have been verbally abused by the guests, and have had our property (kayaks, etc.) taken without permission. • There is a hygiene issue as the guests use the beach as a picnic area and leave food and garbage lying on the beach. The beach area is disgusting and of course a lot of the garbage ends up in the sea. There is no regular cleaning of this stretch of beach area so the residents have to clean up the beach themselves. We are very concerned that just anyone can rent these villas and do what they want. We have noticed that on occasion these houses are used by men to bring girls and, as respectable family people, we take great objection to this. We are all upset at this violation of privacy, especially as we have paid a lot of money to buy/rent property in what we thought would be an exclusive and peaceful development. The Amwaj guidelines and the sales contracts very clearly state that this practice is not permitted, as per the following clauses: 1. Sales Contract with Al Saraya, Clause 12.4. After Completion, the Buyer shall use the Property for residential purposes only and shall prevent any happening that may cause disturbance to the neighbours or to public decency and order, or that may cause a violation of the laws operative in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 2. Amwaj Guidelines: Restrictions, Clause 3.1.1, Use of Lots. B) Lots shall not be used for illegal or immoral activity or any use which will disturb the peace/serenity or prove to be a nuisance in the neighborhood. C) No residential lot shall be used in pursuit of any commercial purpose …. or any other business that conjures a negative image for the neighborhood. 3. Security Guidelines. Prohibited: a) Any visitor causing damage to property, causing a nuisance, or failing to cooperate with Amwaj Security will be prohibited from entering Amwaj on a permanent basis. b) Failing to notify Security of any parties which are to take place. c) Parties continuing beyond 1 am. 4. Amwaj Newletter. “Please note that daily rentals are prohibited in Amwaj Islands.” Unfortunately, there appears to be no support from the government to enforce these rules, and Amwaj Security themselves are unable to enforce the rules. We, as peace-loving citizens, request the authorities concerned to immediately put an end to this undesirable practice. If it is not stopped now, then the problem is likely to worsen over time as other owners jump on the bandwagon.


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