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"America's Voice" is a movement to bring awareness to America and American’s to regain control over their industries and avenues both domestically and internationally.  As well encourage our leaders to redirect our financial resources back to the Unites States and stop supporting countries that undermine our economy by blocking America’s access to their markets such as Japan and China.

It is known that to a degree the economic hardship that the United States has withstood has been because of mismanagement. However a not so widely spoken about, but more accurate truth that is the cause of America’s economic hardship stems from the unfair, and exclusionist business practices applied by America’s so called “allies” Japan and China.

Most American’s because of media patronization showcases these countries as embracing the same "win/win" values as the United States, this is false.  This image of friendliness is only a tool  used to disarm the American consumer and gain access to America’s markets to sell their products. It is a fact, American consumers support more than 70% of their economic prosperity while Japanese consumers only support 3% of America’s economy.

All while excluding and freezing out American business from their markets. As a California Economist living in Japan for a total of 7 years stated in an private interview “If a person can’t even sit next to you on a subway train how you do expect him to actually sit at a table and do business with you?”  

America leadership has failed to protect our industries and avenues thus we are losing out on billions of dollars in revenue and resources that rightfully should be redirected back to the U.S. economy. In short we wouldn't be in this mess if we protected our markets and industries as the Japanese and Chinese protect their resources from America.

As Donald Trump pointed out China will make $ 300 Billion dollars in raw profit from America and on the backs of American consumers.  

American politicians and American C.E.O.'s of companies have been selling out their America industries, and Jobs for fat profit margins and political kickbacks.  

 Fact: Japan is the largest investor of foriegn investment  and technology to China with $32 Billion dollars in direct investment annually. China then has not only exceeded U.S. spending on it's military for 5 straight years ( U.S. being engaged in two wars but still being outspent) then  funnels $4.8 billion dollars annually to support North Korea (nuclear program) who in turn funds Iran nuclear program.

Enough is enough! 

Organizors of Voice of America plan to take this petition before media sources and government to bring awarness of this cronic issue and put preasure on those that export our jobs, flood our markets with forgien goods, and parcle America's future away.

We hope you join us in this is a cause that will not only help bring awareness to the invisible threats that undermine America and her economy,  but provide more opportunities for American and American’s and protect the dreams our forefathers sacrificed so much for.


Note: (Privacy in supporting America's Voice is guaranteed all information shared with organizers of America’s Voice including your personal identity will be confidential).




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