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NJ Gun Rights

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The NJ firearms laws have been overly restrictive for to long. What we want is simple, we want a modernization and relaxation of gun purchasing. As many know you must pass 3 back round checks in the state of NJ, one by local LE, one by state LE, and one at the point of purchase. Many states have only one back round check at the point of purchase and they do just fine with that, we want one back round check at the point of purchase. The current gun laws in NJ were designed in the 1960's and have not changed much since, massive amounts of paper work are required by both LE officers and the applicant, these papers not only cost money, but after you have turned in the papers you must wait and depending on how busy the department is this can take months. We want a modern and fast way to purchase firearms. with a modern form of firearm purchasing nothing but good will come, LE officers will not be held inside of offices doing paper work while they could be stopping the crime seen in some places in NJ. In NJ if one wishes to stop for lunch or pick up a friend, while his firearm is in the car, he will be arrested, in NJ that is called a deviation and is only allowed when it is justified. What is a justified deviation? The truth is nobody really knows. If you are caught making a deviation you will be arrested and both you and the state will throw away money because you stopped for lunch. We want the deviation clause removed. If one wishes to carry a small handgun on them for what ever reason they must supply more paper work and something called justifiable need to carry. What is justifiable need? Again the truth is no body knows. Most people would think self defense is a good reason however in the state of NJ it is not, about the only know reason is to protect the money of your employes and yourself, a perfect example is armored car guards. we want the justifiable need clause removed and a 2nd amendment added to the NJ constitution. The last argument we purpose is the assault weapons. Some people have a fear of military style weapons, thinking that pose a larger threat and that they are the weapon of choice for people who live a life of crime and those who are involved in mass shootings. However the year before assault weapons were banned in NJ not one LE officer was killed with an "assault rifle". We want the assault weapons ban to be permanitly taken away when it expires on november 13 2012 and the magazine count raised to 35 rounds. Not only will this create more jobs for american firearms companies to begin importing more guns to NJ, it will lower crime and give the good people of NJ the right to defend themselves and there families.


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