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American People Vs. The United States Government

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For far too long, and too many generations, the slow creep of socialism has pulled the wool over the eyes of the great American people, with the public education behemoth rewriting history , expelling the teaching of G-D's will for mankind from the daily schedules of schoolchildren, the government of this nation created a multi-generational paradigm of moral relativism, and ignorance of the the broad and Theologically linked history of the world. Only a few generations since stopping the Genocide, Madness and perverted world view of the perpetrators of world war two, our own federal government has systematically exposed us to these same evils and with no defense. Any properly educated man or woman can read the original Jewish texts and Islamic texts along with a study of world history and it is plainly obvious to even the average mind that Islam was founded in plagiarism of the Jewish faith and was nothing more than the tool of a mad man to dominate and wage war on his own people, a cycle we have witnessed repeating itself in Arab and African lands throughout history as a result of this false and insane religion. Yet our government is more interested in continuing the federal leviathan and political correctness, than educating, preparing and thus defending its citizens lives against this barbaric faith. As Americans sit at their internet connections or on microphones, or on television, even at work or at the dining table they must instead of feeling secure in their constitutionally protected rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, live in fear, that if they express their faith that Islam is a fabricated religion, or a dangerous religion, that some masked man may stab them to death as has been carried out over and over. Or perhaps the firebombings of Shuls (synagogues) and churches) For that matter the ignorance our government has forced on this generation has made every American living vulnerable to the horrors of war such as we witnessed on 9/11/2001, and almost every day in Israel regardless of our beliefs or lifestyles. And so, the American people by divine right, and by civil law should demand that this government as it exists today be dismantled and replaced with a moral G-D fearing government as our founders intended, and instead of preparing to be lead like sheep to slaughter our nation should prepare to wage a war to effect the end of this evil that threatens innocent life in this nation and all of the world.




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