American energy independence

William  Kerney
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America is facing a glut of natural gas and industry spokesmen propose we export this natural gas outside our country. I propose that various state with the initiative process pass a bond to convert both coal and natural gas into gasoline, This would return the price of gasoline beow two dollars per gallon. The process that does this is almost a century old and right now South Africa has 75% of its gasoline produced from coal. If a state wants to sequester CO2 then they can pass a budget for that function. this can also be an individual option so people who don't believe in global warming to be caused by man can pay the lowest price for gasoline. If a conversion plant is blocked by law suit then the bond can be located outside the state that passes the initiative wherever if will not Be blocked by law suit. States with low priced gasoline will be a magnet for people seeking a lower price to fill their tank. A byproduct of the process that creates gasoline is electricity so lower electrical prices will result too. Brings jobs to those states with the process.




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