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Amend Real Estate Sign Regulation in Hermosa Beach

Suzanne Rampe
Suzanne Rampe Hermosa Beach
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Hermosa Beach currently disallows all signs leading to an open house. The current ordinance allows for only one sign on the property. Realtors signs are currently being picked up by the city whereby they can charge 100 dollars per sign in fees. By signing this petition you would like to see the current ordinance changed to allow lead in signs to open houses. For further details see ordinance with the city.17.50. 030 Definitions,17.50. 080 Prohibited signs,17.50. 090 Sign requirements and regulations in residential zones and for residential uses,17.50. 110 Sign requirements and regulations in the OS (open space) and OS-1 (restricted open space) zone17.50. 130 Sign requirements and regulations in C-2 zone (restricted commercial).,17.50. 140 Sign requirements and regulations in C-3 zone (general and highway commercial).



May 21
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