Petition For Child Custody

Jamie S. Collins
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Hi my name is Jamie Stanfield Collins. I live in Reidsville Ga and 13 years ago I went throught a bitter divorce with my husband . Now he has both our kids and only lets me see them when its convient for him and his wife. His wife is going to have another baby. There's hardly any room in their 3 bedroom mobile home now, all the windows is busted out of it. I am sending this petition around so that when I am able to get a court date I can show the judge how many people believe that I should have my kids here at home with their mom. You must be wondering what I have to offer my childern and he don't well for starters I am their mother and they belong here with me, Second they will have stability if they live here with me, third theres no younger kids here that they have to babysitt while their dad and stepmom are in house, and the most inportant reason is I Love them and I want whats best for them. Thanks for taking the time to read this, God Bless You Jamie







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