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The American Psychological Association should defend ALL psychologists #AllPsychologists

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We believe that the American Psychological Association should represent "all psychologists" and not just those with APA-accredited internships. We also believe that employers should consider the individual qualifications of "all psychologists" and not just the individual qualifications of those who had APA-accredited internships.

Sometimes the assumptions you just know to be true aren't actually based on any convincing evidence. When these unsupported assumptions hurt people they should be abandoned. Due to the generation-long internship crisis there are more and more psychologists without APA-accredited internships every year. However, these psychologists are denied even the opportunity to apply at some of psychology's largest employers. However, the evidence does not support the use of APA-accredited internships for employment selection. It is not a validated criterion. It may also unfairly, negatively and illegally impact workplace diversity. APA and other organizations have failed to collect adequate data to support it's use in employment selection.

In addition, it is even contrary to APA's own policy. The APA's Model Act for State Licensure recognizes internships which are "equivalent" to APA-accredited internships. APA should stand-by this policy and support that equivalent internships produce psychologists who are competent and "equal" to their colleagues. There is no supporting evidence that an APA-accredited internship is required to be competent. We want APA to defend our ability to practice to the full extent of our licensure and defend our scope of practice too.

We agree that accreditation holds some value... we disagree that it has value in employment selection. In employment selection it is dangerous and potentially illegal. It is not a validated criterion for employment selection. It may also have an unfair, negative impact on workplace diversity.We want clear communication from APA that organizations should not use APA-accredited internship status in employment selectionWe want clear communication from APA that state boards should not require all applicants for licensure as a psychologist to have APA-accredited internshipsWe want APA to measure the impact that requiring an APA-accredited internship has on workplace diversity-- including on older adultsWe want APA & APAPO to petition for a rule change with government agencies that employ psychologists to prevent them from requiring an APA-accredited internship for employment
We want the American Psychological Association to defend #AllPsychologists. We want the APA to stand with us and say that all employers should consider the individual qualifications of all psychologists.

We want APA to say that "All employers requiring all applicants to have had an APA-accredited internship should immediately and unequivocally cease and desist."Learn more and connect with us at


The All Psychologists Independent Caucus (#AllPsychologists)


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