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Allow Non-Americans to Become American that Pay Taxes

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To All Peoples Who Know Freedom: Shiv is 51 and I am 56. We are both christians so we had a church wedding and I felt like 16 again. Shiv said here comes my QUEEN when he first saw me coming down the isle. Maybe you know someone who this petition may help besides my husband and me. Shiv came to America after his wife was killed in an accident. GOD led us to each other thru The Truck Wash where he was the manager here in Tulsa, OK I am an over the road Truck Driver of almost 36 years. Shiv was ordered removed because he over stayed his visa, he has been working with an Attorney the entire time he\'s been here. We are trying to get his case re-opened so he can adjust his Status to become a permanent resident. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is trying to deport him before the US COURT OF APPEALS in the 9th circuit rules on his case. We filed a I-130 to adjust Shiv\'s status by marriage and after approximately 1 year lacking 4 days we finally received the notice to come for a marriage interview on 3-15-2006. We arrived with an Attorney, all the documents that immigration ask for, and a translator for Shiv even thou he speaks English. I felt like we needed one to make sure he didn\'t get flustered on the questions that could be asked. Immigration sometimes gets over personal in the questions they ask and GOD knows that anyone shouldn\'t have to put their personal stuff out in the open. The things that only you and your mate should talk about. If my husband is removed from the U.S. before we can get his case re-opened and be able to establish permanent residency for him thru marriage he may not be able to come back for 10 years, that would make me 66 years old. The life of a man is only 63.9 years in India. I can\'t believe any GOD loving human being would place another person\'s life in jeopardy knowing how ruthless that part of the world is. Immigration has already spoiled our first GLORIOUS big day. FIRST ANNIVARSARY!! 3-19-05 Shiv is not a criminal and shouldn\'t be treated like he is. Immigration has had my husband in jail for nearly a month now and says he doesn\'t have the right to even place a bond so he could return to his job of 3 years. This has put us in a very hard place financially. We own property together and I haven\'t been able to go back to trucking because I don\'t want to be at the other end of the country if immigration decides to kick him out of America, (the LAND of the FREE!!!!!!!) Please go to the CIA fact book on INDIA, read it for your self and then you can see how desperate I am that my loving husband gets to become American. The Officer who first arrested my husband forced him to sign documents without having glasses to see what he was signing or having the translator there to explain the documents. Shiv already being upset from being taken from me and the Officer acting very ANGRY WITH HIM CAUSED HIM TO SIGN. THIS IS NOT THE TREATMENT THAT SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN AMERICA. The officer took the marriage file from the interviewer so it couldn\'t be approved till he could try to get my husband deported. Our marriage can\'t be approved as legal till the file goes back to the interviewer. Please sign this petition letting our goverment know WE THE PEOPLE don\'t approve of FAMILIES BEING TORN APART!!!!!!!!!! Shiv worked very hard on his job 7 days a week so I could spend more time at home with him instead at 56 years old having to run the roads alone, We will loose everything we own if Shiv isn\'t allowed to come home. Shiv has always kept his work permit up to date and never failed to pay taxes. Shiv was like a child when he thought he was going to become AN AMERICAN!!!!! CALLING ALL OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS saying I\'M GOING TO BE AN AMERICAN MAN, and we would get to spend the rest of our lives together. GOD PUT US TOGETHER!!!!! LET NO MAN TEAR US APART!!!!!!!! I\'ll be sending this petition to President George Bush, The Senate, and the Congress on 5-01-2006 3:00pm central time. Feel free to contact me at or you may call me at 918-231-2852 if you have questions


I, Betty Lou Kumar am sponsoring this petition on behalf of my husband and anyone else who has found themselves in a like situation.I am a PURE BRED OKIE from Catoosa, OK I feel that GOD gives us the right to fight for the human rights of others. We all can\'t be the same for GOD made us different and to speak different languages, but we can STAND UNITED when HOMELAND SECURITY has gone to far. I am a CHRISTIAN AND PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I don\'t have much family left.My e-mail address is My number is 918-231-2852 if you would like to call me, I would love to hear from anyone who feels as I do. GOD BLESS AMERICA, Betty L. Kumar
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