Allow Vaping at Our Desk

Michael Swift
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Do you like the smell of Strawberries & Cream or Fresh Blueberries?
Do you enjoy being productive, focused and driven?

Well so do we!!!!!!

That's why we are putting together a petition to allow the Vaping of Vegetable Oil based vaping products within the confines of ones own work space. As a company which prides itself on our core values, we the signed individuals below believe that vaping is a safe and healthy alternative to tobacco products which stands hand-in-hand with the core values of continuous improvement (through the elimination of tobacco products from our daily lives) and putting people first (by ensuring that the people who vape are doing so in consideration of the people around them by preventing the inhalation of harmful 2nd hand smoke).

Furthermore, the reasons for removing tobacco products from the workplace do not apply to Vaping and therefore Vaping should not be treated as the same. There is no fire hazard, harmful 2nd hand smoke hazard, chemical inhalation hazard or lingering smell.

We, the signed, believe that Vaping should be allowed within the perimeters of ones cubicle. With benefits which include, increased productivity, focus and attention to detail. Studies have shown that Nicotine improves concentration, focus and productivity. These are all benefits of not having to take time out of our very busy work days to relocate to the otherside of the building. Moreover, by allowing Vaping at our desks, individuals who vape will not be exposed to the same harmful 2nd hand smoke which pollutes the outdoor smoking areas preventing us from enjoying a healthier alternative to cigarettes.