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Allow Syrian Refugees Into America

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Syria? Do you remember there's a country called Syria that's extremely suffering. It seems that some of the world has forgotten about Syria through their mindless distraction. Yesterday I came home to my roommate watching the news and usually I'm not one who cares to watch the news but I walked in on a clip they were sharing from Syria and what do I see? A child grasping for his last breath suffering and fighting to stay alive from those toxic chemicals they put in the air from those bombs. I saw a father cradling his dead little girl sobbing. I saw a man picking up the dead bodies and dying bodies of children and putting the bodies in the back of his vehicle for the ones that were alive he was trying to shelter them and save them. I saw a hospital getting bombed with innocent lives inside. As I watched this torment of suffering I felt sick, when I came home I was going to make dinner but after seeing the footage I lost my appetite and couldn't eat at all. I feel sick to the fact that there's people taking the time to video tape these suffering people but not many are taking the time to help them. Yes it's good that we have people capturing this footage and sharing it with those who need to become aware but I can't understand how people will take the time to watch the suffering but not do anything. Like that little boy struggling for his last breath should of been taken to a doctor and not recorded to capture his slow painful death. I support the people who capture this footage to get others to do something about it and really get people to become aware of what's at stake for these people. But logically I can't understand what this world has come to and how the TV is used for mind control and entertainment for people to just sit back and watch. Not remotely care to get people together and find a voice to stop this suffering. Why don't people care? Some care to complain that they don't have enough money even though they have enough or their home isn't nice enough or they complain about the food they have to eat or complain about their crappy day at work that in all reality wasn't that dramatic while we have men women and children getting bombed struggling to stay alive with no shelter of a home, no money, no clean food water or air, no safety, and death everywhere they look. I am sickened by what society has influenced in civilizations behavior. Where is the compassion? Where is the love? Where is the effort? WAKE UP EVERYONE our planet and its people are struggling and its time for us to come together and be a strong voice together as well as find a way to start a movement that can make changes to what is happening. It all starts with our voice and making that voice known because somebody needs to LISTEN. Find it in yourself to make the impact and share cause more people need to be aware and come together to work this out. Syria is my culture, those are my people out there dying and I'm at the point where I can't sit back and say nothing anymore. I'm tired, sick, and fed up. Take heart cause they deserve all the love, compassion, attention, consideration, and care. Imagine if that was you living like that then you would really double check what you complain about each day that really doesn't compare. My culture is getting exterminated and I am not okay with this. This culture originally always stood for peace and I am a Syrian woman who is screaming bring the PEACE back to humanity. These people are not your enemy they are your brother and your sister, they are human like you. Show them love, show them support America.

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