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Allow stickers in Counter-Strike:Global Offense to be placed on grenades.

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The action requested is important for just one simple reason; this reason is the satisfaction of the players. CS:GO players will be glad to see a change in the game, and new oppurtunities to expess themselves using the stickers found in this enjoyable passtime, as some would consider it. As well as this being beneficial to the CS:GO community, you will also get yourend of the deal. Once gamers realize stickers can be placed upon grenades, many will purchase stickers from the community market throughout steam, giving you the additional money from your steam transaction fee. Another option to the players would be to buy sticker capsules and keys, and uncrating a sticker; this will provide you with an even greater amount of money. Hopefully, you will consider adding an option to the players to put stickers on their CS:GO grenades. Thank you for your time.

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NOTE: This petition would not be here if it were not for algis. He was the inspiration of this. His steam Url is:



July 4
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