Allow spandex/cotton material pants into the dress code.

Kiera  Beyer
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Yoga pants are an easy way for a girl to feel comfortable and look feminine at the same time. Most of the females in our school own a pair of yoga pants and/or leggings, and the majority of them enjoy wearing them because of the comfort. At our school the yoga pants are no tighter than the jeans the girls wear. So what is the difference? Pockets? A button and a zipper? There really isn't one. After talking to the office with my mom what we were told is that they are athletic clothing and that they do not belong in school. What about the boys who wear basketball shorts and sweats almost everyday to school? Those kind of pants are also athletic attire. It doesn't really add up. Until there is a solid excuse to why yoga pants and leggings should be banished, there is no reason to not allow them in school. There seems to be exceptions made to certain students including several seniors, a junior, several sophomores and a few middle schoolers. One specific student works in the office daily and continously wears leggings/yoga pants on a weekly basis. According to the dress code book there is no exeptions or excuses why is the office not punishing these students. That concludes the arguments that will be stated in this petition.



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