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Allow DXD to Recolonize at Hofstra University

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We would like to appeal the recent decision made at Hofstra to keep the University closed to new organizations and those seeking reactivation. From 1938 to 2010 our organization, Delta Chi Delta, was active and in good standing on Hofstra’s campus and only lapsed active status in the Spring of 2010 after a miscommunication with the University. We have since worked through the various channels at Hofstra to seek reactivation of our student organization, and that reactivation has been denied.

In 1938, Hofstra was a new college that was just beginning to thrive with students, and many of them were seeking involvement with organizations to enhance their college experience. Delta Chi Delta was founded that year, with the sole purpose of creating a sisterhood for Jewish women. At that time, Jewish women attending Hofstra were not permitted to join other organizations, and Delta Chi Delta gave those women a home, and more importantly, a sisterhood. In later years,Hofstra allowed women of non-Jewishfaith to choose Delta Chi Delta.

Delta Chi Delta also provided a cornerstone in the foundation of Hofstra’s Greek community, along with other local sororities, Phi Epsilon and Alpha Theta Beta. From that time forward, Delta Chi Delta remained an active and positive organization, participating in philanthropic activities, as well as community and cultural events.

During the 73 years that Delta Chi Delta’s student organization was active on Hofstra’s campus, the sorority was held in good standing, without incident or suspension – a notion we believe other sororities on campus would be hard pressed to claim. Our lapse in active membership was the result of a miscommunication related to the organization’s member roster in Spring 2010. We accept partial responsibility for that, but we also believe that it was not handled properly by the OSLA.

As such, Delta Chi Delta is now categorized as a new organization by Hofstra’s definition – despite our rich history with the University and our role in helping to build the Greek community that many young men and women can now look upon fondly as part of their time at Hofstra. In addition to the campus’ “closed” status that prevents new Greek organizations from colonizing at Hofstra, it has been communicated to us that Hofstra will never welcome local organizations to the University, either through reactivation or new colonization.

From our perspective, this is a severe misstep. While some parties may view local organizations as a threat because they are not an incorporated company with full time employees and liability insurance, our organization has never given Hofstra cause to be concerned. In addition, we firmly believe our Delta Chi Delta Alumnae Association is one of the strongest at Hofstra; and, in conjunction with other local alumnae organizations (Alpha Theta Beta and Phi Epsilon), we represent the most dedicated Greek alumni consortium – far surpassing those of the national organizations at Hofstra.

Local sororities are what built Hofstra’s Greek community, and they have helped to keep it strong and focused on the tenets important to Hofstra. While national organizations can be found anywhere, Hofstra’s local organizations are part of the school’s unique tapestry, woven through time and across all types of individuals, without discrimination. For Hofstra to turn its back on local sororities would be a tragedy.

OSLA also offered some context around the University’s growth initiatives as reasoning for denying our appeal; Specifically, indicating that it was the OSLA’s belief that the campus should be open to organizations related to new aspects of the school (i.e. medical and engineering associations). We fully support the colonization of these kinds of organizations, as they represent what Delta Chi Delta always has – choice; the ability for any student at Hofstra, regardless of their chosen education path or religion, to find a home within a Hofstra-sanctioned community.

However, we believe denying our right to recolonize Delta Chi Delta contradicts that same belief. By keeping Delta Chi Delta off campus, the University is denying women the choice to be a part of an organization that for 73 years brought dignity, charity and devotion to Hofstra’s campus. There are 36 hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, forward-thinking women on this campus today who want that choice.

These women represent future generations of women to come to Hofstra’s campus, as well as Delta Chi Delta women, specifically who have graduated from this campus. On Hofstra’s campus today, we are proud to say there are five women whose mothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins have experienced Delta Chi Delta during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s – spanning more than 30 years of our history! Please help us allow these women to share in the incredible, unbreakable bond that we all have.


Delta Chi Delta Alumnae Association


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