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Allow affordable Tiny Houses on Kauai Eco Living

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Aloha, welcome to a petition that is geared to ramping up the war on the lack of affordable housing on the Garden Island. We have allowed for the more affluent to benefit from what kauai has to offer in the form of tourism and sky rocketing home pricing and vacation rentals since Hawaii is a #1 vacation destination. Now is the time to allow the rest of us who just want to live the island life and enjoy the natural ( free ) entertainment that or mountains, rivers and beaches offer without having to have multiple jobs just to pay your rent. What good is having great hiking trails, or bike paths or world class snorkeling and surfing spots if you are struggling daily just to afford the rent. Its a problem that has allowed the few rentals that are available to raise there rates with no end in sight. The option of allowing Tiny Homes and Kauai and providing a low rent option in the form of designated open state land ( not beaches or parks) but land that the state does not utilize to then be rented by Tiny home owners for a low monthly fee only stands to serve us all on Kauai better. Although this does not immediately address our homeless, it is easy to image that in just a few years, we could have many of these tiny houses open for rent on leased state land ( which I call a colony) which then would begin to lower the cost for simple housing. But for this to happen, I need your help in convincing our local government that we must monitor, but allow Tiny Houses. Then go one step further and provide unused level state owned land to put them on. The MAIN reason Kauai is against trailers/tents/ shacks is the they don't want (and rightly so) human waste just dumped on the open ground or in our precocious streams. One way to curb this is to allow a viable option that meets clear guidelines .....Some of those guidelines I will present are...MUST have a compost toilet....MUST use solar or propane for its power source ...MUST be road safe...Can only be towable ( not an old van or motor home ect).....When put in place, no permanent struct is allowed to be built on property save a 10ft x 10ft deck that must butt up against the Tiny Home. I will have more of these details as this progresses and I talk to people about there wants and needs. PLEASE help me in bringing a ruling that will allow eco friendly optional housing to those of us who want to rent space on our land to a Tiny Home or/and to have the state provide a "Colony" with a low monthly rent . An example would be....If you buy a TINY HOUSE for $56,000 and rent for $300.00 from a state backed Colony, you could live for $700 a month with no utilities. Once your tiny house is paid off you just pay the $300.00 land lease fee plus a yearly Fee ( yes there are fees and taxes..welcome to home ownership) similar to someone who stores a boat on their property. There would also be a small fee to be split up by the colony for a state supplied trash bin and recycle container. This would reduce the chances of garbage burning and reduce the colonies footprint by having only one vehicle take trash from the colony to the dump rather then everyone in the colony driving multiple cars to the dump. Please lend a hand to those of us who want to reduce our carbon footprint or simply realize that we don't want to spend our time stressed over rent to live in paradise. Mahalo

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