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联合抵制Allkpop(Boycott the AllKpop)

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作为Aileeans,我们有权在社会大众对Ailee产生误解的时候帮助还原事情的真相。 As Aileeans, we need to restore the truth when some people misunderstand about Ailee. 众所周知Ailee在出道前生活在美国,Ailee将那些如今网上盛传的所谓裸照发给一个当地知名的内衣公司试镜,照片是该公司让她拍摄的,目的是为了准确了解她的身材看看适不适合当她们的模特。照片发送之后,该公司随后中断了与Ailee的一切联系。随后Ailee报警,但由于缺乏证据警察也无能为力。期间了解到,有很多女孩也有过跟Ailee一样受骗的经历。 We all know that Ailee was grown up in America. Ailee had taken the nude photos of herself for an audition for a lingerie company. The lingerie company asked her to take nude photos of herself, so they could fully assess her body and determine whether or not she would be a good model for them. After sending the photos to the company, said company subsequently cut off all contact with her. Ailee contacted the police but due to lack of evidence, the scammers were never found not persecuted. It was reveled that many other girls were scammed in the same way as Ailee as well. 在这期间,Ailee向前男友Daniel Eundeuk Lee这一情况。该男子说服Ailee以让他进一步了解事情的性质到底是什么程度为由,让Ailee发送的这些照片。 In the midst of the situation, Ailee confided in ex-boyfriend Daniel Eundeuk Lee about the situation. Daniel convinced her to send him the photos in order for him to get a better idea on the issue. 转眼间到了2013年7月19日。Dispatch报社揭示了一个与前男友Daniel Eundeuk Lee对话,内容如下: Fast forward to July 19th, 2013, and Dispatch has revealed a conversation that the had with ex boyfriend Daniel Eundeuk Lee, whichever went as follows: Ex:我有几张Ailee的照片,我觉得你会感兴趣。 D:哪种照片? Ex:全裸,没穿衣服,正面和背面。 D:哪来的? Ex:直接从Ailee那得到的。 D:Ailee直接给你的?为什么? Ex:我是她前男友。 D:这些照片是通过信息发给你的么? Ex:对 D:你想要公开出来? Ex:就是这个目的! D:把你私下收到的照片卖会惹麻烦的。你不应该把他们提供给媒体。 Ex:啊,我知道了,我以为你会和别的媒体不一样呢,我联系别家(媒体)了。 D:最重要的是你现在这么做是很危险的 Ex:这不犯法。 D:犯法。这是她的私生活,她可以起诉你。任何买你照片的媒体都是错的。我建议你不要继续下去了。 Ex:我知道了。 Ex: I have a few of Ailee's pictures. I'm wondering if you're interested. Dispatch: What kind of pictures? Ex: She's completely naked. Not wearing anything, front and back... Dispatch: What's the source? Ex: I received them directly from Ailee. Dispatch: Ailee gave them to you? Why? Ex: I was her ex-boyfriend. Dispatch: Did you receive her nudes through messenger? Ex: Yes. Dispatch: And you want to reveal that? Ex: That's the goal. Dispatch: Selling pictures you personally received can get you into trouble. You shouldn't be offering them to the media. Ex: Ah, I see. I guess you're different from the other media outlets. I'll contact elsewhere. Dispatch: What's important here is that what you're doing is dangerous. Ex: It's not illegal Dispatch: It is illegal. It's her private life so she can sue you. And any media outlet who buys those pictures from you is wrong. We suggest you don't follow through with it. Ex: I understand 转眼间到了2013年9月11日。一个匿名用户在网站上发Ailee的照片被揭露了。 Fast forward to September 11th, 2013 and an anonymous user of a forum on the website leaked the nude photos of Ailee. 转眼间到了2013年11月11日。Allkpop向全世界公布了这一个丑闻。 Fast forward two months to November 11th, 2013, and Allkpop breaks the scandal to the world. 这就是为什么我们要联合抵制Allkpop。 他们的工作难道就是报道这种丑闻么?没错,他们是报道丑闻但不是制造丑闻。这就是他们所作所为。为了满足他们的贪欲,他们背叛了Ailee并且成了传播这些丑闻的源头。 这个想把照片买个Dispatch报社的前男友,Daniel Eundeuk Lee,是Allkpop媒体中心的副主席。这个男人负责这个丑闻。他写了报道并且也是把照片公布出来的始作俑者。这个人渣背叛了他的前女友利用她赚快钱。 So why are we asking that we boycott Allkpop? It's their job to report on such scandals right? Correct, however their job is to report on scandals NOT create them. And that's what they did here. To satisfy their greed, they betrayed Ailee and started this scandal. The ex-boyfriend who had tried to sell the photos to Dispatch, Daniel Eundeuk Lee, is Vice President of Media Content for Allkpop. Daniel Eundeuk Lee is responsible for the scandal. He wrote the breaking article, and he is the one who leaked the photos in the first place. This scumbag betrayed his ex-girlfriend and used her to make a quick buck. 所以,我们建议,这种无良媒体,我们应该联合抵制!!让我们大家团结起来为给予Ailee最大的支持!我们以Ailee的生日530 作为我们的联合签名目标!!!虽然不多,但也是我们的一份力量。 So we suggest that we boycott Allkpop this kind of unscrupulous media!! Let’s get together to give Ailee the biggest support. We treat 530 as our signature target. Not very much, but it’s for us.

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