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Bism e Allah al Rahman al Raheem

(In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate and The Most Forgiving)


“Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly only because they said: ‘Our Lord is Allâh!’  For had it not been that Allâh checks one set of people by means of another, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, wherein the Name of Allâh is mentioned much, would surely have been pulled down. Verily, Allâh will help those who help His (Cause). Truly, Allâh is All-Strong, All-Mighty.”  

Holy Qur' an: 22: 40


We are the Muslims of the World!

We are the Worshippers of the Most Compassionate and Unique Creator of All in the Universe,  -  We call Him 'Allah'!

We are pained at the reprehensible acts of vandalism by the hooligans on some Churches in Malaysia over past few days. We urge Malaysian Muslims to accord full respect and protection of the religious places of all minorities, as Malaysians always have, in the great tradition of their country. And as Allah commands us in the Qu 'ran.

The basis of this World Muslim Statement of Solidarity with Christians of Malaysia is the Quran, which 1.6 billion Muslims of the world consider as the Word of Allah. We are  inspired by the eternal example of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) who laid the foundation of the modern civilization set the model of religious tolerance and humanism in the Muslim lands for nearly 1500 years which other civilizations have yet to compare with in 21st century.

It is a matter of great celebration for Muslims that Christians of Malaysia want to address their God as Allah! It is well known that Christian Arabs in the Middle-East have traditionally called God, Allah. Even Jesus Christ addresses God as Allah in Aramaic! Christians can call their God by any other name it is their prerogative.

And we respectfully and with great sincerity urge the Malaysian people and their Government to reconsider their position on this issue. And whatever theological dispute they may have it should be resolved without any acts of disrespect to churches or endangerment towards their Christian neighbors.

First of, according to the Word of Allah, Christians and Jews are the spiritual brethren of Muslims as referred in Holy Quran as 'alhe Kitab' or 'People of the Book'. Because of that a Muslim man is free to marry a Christian woman and Jewish woman without her having to convert to Islam and she can continue to practice her Christianity while raising Muslim children as a full member of that Muslim house-hold.

Indeed, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself allowed Christians to pray in his own mosque in Medina when they were visiting him from Najran to discuss religion with him.

Second Caliph, Umar Ibn Khattab (RA), was so careful in his respect for the Church of Holy Sepulcher that he declined to pray inside it despite the insistence of the Christian priest when he entered Jerusalm as the Conqueror of Jerusalem. Omar famously said: ‘If I pray here the future generations of Muslims will turn it into a Mosque.' He found another spot to pray and indeed it is now famous Mosque called ‘Al Aqsa’ near 'The Dome of Rock' which stands out 1400 years later, as the Golden Beacon of Islamic tolerance in Palestine and a building that has inspired capitol domes all around the world from Vatican to Washington DC and in almost all state capitols in Europe and USA.

Today, we all know, that there is intense resentment in the Muslim world due to crimes against humanity perpetrated upon the hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Sabra and Shatilla to ‘Safe Heavens’ of Bosnia to occupation and devastation of Baghdad to bombing of Gaza and Kabul by unrepentant and remorseless forces of so called 'Christianity'. With no recognition or apology for their crimes and not a single person ever convicted by the so called 'Christian' countries for mass-murder of Muslims.

Despite that justifiable revulsion at the criminals who claim to be 'Christians', we urge you, in the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Most Forgiving, not to prolong this irrelevant and irreverent controversy and risk your fair reputation as one of  the most tolerant and beautiful Muslim countries in the world. Indeed, Malaysia is morally a much superior country than the countries of those criminals, the so called 'Christian' countries that annihilated the innocent nation of Iraq for a blatant and bald-faced lies of criminals. But Malaysia should take inspiration from that very victimized Iraq. Despite the destruction of every Mosque in ‘The City of Mosques’, and genocide, every male above 12 in Fallujah brutally murdered, and ruin of innumerable national monuments throughout Iraq by these so called 'Christian' allied forces lead by a self-declared 'Christian' and self-admitted 'Crusader' George Bush and humiliating public hangings of Iraqi leaders and torture of its innocent citizens and decimation of its infra-structure, - despite such utter devastation, - the ordinary people of Iraq stayed ‘sabir’ (patient) and did not turn on their Christian minority for vendetta and revenge. Iraq is an exemplary great Muslim nation with tombs of Martyrs of Karbala! Iraq the country of birth of Abraham the founder of our three faith traditions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. And yet, those arrogant 'Christian' forces of the Satanic Bush, as foreign occupiers of a weak and vulnerable Muslim country engaged in every depravity including the abominable rapes of Muslim children in the presence of their parents. Those diabolical cowards calling themselves ‘Christians’ and claiming to worship our revered Messenger of Allah, Jesus whom Quran refers as 'the Word and The Spirit', as their own God, who we also believe to be Christ! Despite these utterly dehumanizing crimes against humanity by these so called allied ‘Christian’ cretins we did not turn upon them and chase them out of the Muslim countries. We continued to treat them as human beings and accept them as our co-religionists ‘ahle-Kitab’ while they continue to miss-treat us and repress us where ever we live among them as religious minorities. Even wearing of hijab is a threat to them even though Mother Mary and every nun is seen wearing hijab to this day.

Islam is the only religion in the world that accords equal reverence to central figures of other religions as it does to central figures of its own. For example there is an entire chapter (number 19) in Qu'ran named after Mother Mary, and the verses on all the prophets of Old Testament and New Testament. No other religion can claim such a high level of tolerance, even today as does the Latest Testament: Quran! And this tolerance is not some diplomatic pretext but because it is part of our faith as commanded by Allah and demanded by Muhammad (PBUH). Throughout history, Muslims have accorded full rights to Christian, Jewish, Hindu and every other religious community living in Muslim lands, -  always allowing non-Muslims to follow their own laws in their religious matters and in their secular matters and exempting them from military duties and taxes. 

By contrast, no Muslim country has treated its minorities like violently intolerant Hindus have in independent India. Hindus have been killing the Christians while burning their churches and raping their nuns; carnage of Sikhs by their thousands while destroying The Golden Temple in their Mecca in Punjab; and genocidal killing of Muslims by their tens of thousands while raping women and children and then burning them alive in the streets of Gujarat while also destroying their businesses and historic mosques like Babri Masjid and yet Muslims have remained forgiving and not retaliated against Hindus even in the areas where they dominate such as Kashmir, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Indonesia with large Hindu population, nor were Hindus harmed in countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Iran and Oman where Hindus live as expatriate workers in large numbers, earning on the average many times more than they do in India.

No responsible Muslim , as individual or institution,  has bombed civilian populations as Israel has done in Gaza and before that West Bank for decades and mercilessly visiting crimes against humanity upon an occupied population.

Muslims are incomparably humane people, always peaceful, tolerant and virtuous to a fault because they are the only people who take the Word of Allah, The God of Bible and Jesus, seriously. Muslims encourage and recognize others to take their religion seriously too. So that, as human being, others can behave ethically and retain their integrity when no one is watching but Allah! For Muslims, Islam is a serious matter of faith and correct behavior, not just an identity and a slogan but a faith in sincere action and daily practice.

Islam is the happy synthesis of Judaism and Christianity and Qu'ran is the synopsis of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Indeed the Qur'an is the Latest Testament!

That is why Muslims are the most peaceful and forgiving people in the history of mankind and continue to be so despite intense provocation that comes from the so called ‘Christian’ countries and despite what  has been done to Muslims and their children in their own lands by invading ‘Christian’ armies and their paid mercenaries.

We salute Malaysian Muslims and Malaysian culture for its great tolerance and acceptance of Hindus, Buddhist and Christians.

We urge Malaysians to not sully your great reputation by a silly controversy over the name of Allah!

Allah on any lips sounds as sweet.

Therefore we love Malaysian Muslims but we love Malaysian Christians too for risking their well being to be able to call their God-head: Allah!

What is more beautiful?

It is the beauty of Malaysian Muslims that has inspired Malaysian Christians to invoke the name of Allah!

Let them have Allah.

To Christian of Malaysia and any Christian minorities in a Muslim country we are with you in all sincerity and love.

As the signatories of this Statement, we stand in full solidarity with Christians of Malaysia and with the Malaysian Supreme Court in recognizing the inalienable right of Malaysian Christians to articulate their religious expression in any way they deem fit for their faith.

As Quran guides us Muslims: ‘Unto them their religion and unto us our religion!’

'There is no compulsion in religion.'

Allah is All love!





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