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Liberty & Justice for All

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STOP THE MADNESS! Instead of "us" bailing out the CEO'S & Wall Street, (culprits of the collapse,) let them bail "us", (main Street America,) out. There is a very real solution to saving our economy. It comes down to where, we, the American people win this one! There may be only one problem. It may be too simple, simple, simple for a negative, complex mind. The simple solution to saving our economy, is by first putting that money BACK INTO THE HANDS OF EVERY U.S. AMERICAN CITIZEN. Instead of sending the rich, Fat-Cats, to prison, or them paying attorneys to get thim off, or paying the courts for their corrupt deeds, let them, the Fat-Cat, CEO'S, of this mess, pay us, - bail "us" out, Main Street America! We wouldn't have to borrow from other countries, take from the Treasury, or take more from us, the mecca of this great country. NO! Not this time! The CEO'S get to bail us out, with nothing more than what they "owe" us. Saving court time, prosecution time, - our time, & loss. Sadly, they will still be rich, & greedy. Here is how "we", the American people, make it simple! We will start with the Top Ten, (culprits of the collapse,) named on CNN, proceeding to the branches of their corrupt deeds. Out of their, (the culprits,) accounts; they will pay every U.S. citizen One Million Dollars. Stipulations should be in order: A. All U.S. citizens making less than a million a year. B. Thirty & over, unless you are struggling to keep your home or business. C. No Felons. D. No CEO, Fat-Cats! What Will It Do For Our Economy It's much to simple for a negative mind. Yes, some of the bigger banks will fail. Yes, the Fannies & the Freddies might fail. Yes, some of the bigger mortgage company's will fail, (or maybe not, if people are able to pay their mortgages.) Those who are rich will get richer. The smaller banks will survive, student loans can be paid, medical bills can be paid. New Money & new ideas will go back into our economy. Those who choose to use it wisely will save our country. Even if one chooses to squander it, it will go back into the economy. For those of us that have suffered at the hands of Power, Money, & Greed, it will be an opportunity to regain...Self-worth, confidence, hope, & gratitude for the opportunity to make this "a better America," meeting negativity with a positive. A more "even" America. I am a nobody seeking justice for all Americans. I would question anyone not signing this petition, unless they are a Fat-Cat, CEO. ACT NOW!!

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