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To The Government of Bermuda:

We, the concerned residents of Bermuda, draw to the attention that:

  • The redevelopment of L.F. Wade International Airport does not economically benefit the people of Bermuda;
  • We are concerned that, if air traffic does not generate projected revenues per annum, the people of Bermuda will be forced to compensate for this by way of increased taxes imposed by the Bermuda Government;
  • We believe that the Bermuda Government should issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to ensure a competitive market price for the airport is reached;
  • We, the people, are not willing to give away our airport to be run and managed by foreign entities, namely Aecon & CCC.

The Petitioners, therefore, request that the Government of Bermuda:

  1. Void contract and cease further negotiations with Aecon & CCC
  2. Agree to review other options, such as building contractors here in Bermuda, issuing an RFP and selecting the best option for Bermuda and her people.



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