All Of The Dead Girls music video

Zoe Aimee Sateen
Zoe Aimee Sateen 15 Comments
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As we all know, it’s not looking too good with the release of DREAMCAR’s video for 'All Of The Dead Girls'.
There seems to be an issue with the footage. However, many of us are still desperate to see something from it, even if it’s just a few clips.

It meant the world to the people who attended the shows to possibly be a part of the video and the history of something that means so much to us all, so for that not to happen is just devastating.

The point of this petition is simply to get as many signatures as possible, then present it to the band and ask them to just show us a bit of what would’ve been the video if it’s absolutely impossible to get the entire video.

Come on fans, let’s show them how much it means to us!



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