Stands for Sports Ethics; Violence of Algerians

Wafia Salama
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Concerning 18/11/2009 Algeria Vs Egypt match in Sudan.... Kindly investigate ... we got very offended and innocent lives were at risk... I believe representatives from Fifa were attending and for sure they saw what was really going on... Several matches were banned in the past for even less important reasons... Hoping the truth will come to light & reveal...Losing is one thing we can tolerate, but NOT Violance. Algerian fans and supporters made violent acts in Sudan they made that also in France & Italy attacked Egyptian citizens in Algeria and Egyptian fans in Sudan. We have to ban Algeria from participating in any football events, till we make sure that there is no risk from playing with such aggressive bloody & barbarian team. If such violent acts will go unpunished then it is easy to ship thugs and hooligans to any match and turn the sport events into massacres ! Stand for sport ethics or stand for favoritism ! Please Define what the FIFA is all about! I hope it is about fair play and high morals .




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